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Written by Andy & Larry Wachowski. Directed by John McTeigue

Where do you go after the Matrix? Well, for Larry and Andy Wachowski, it seems that you head on over to a no- too-distant future London.

V for Vendetta got a thorough panning at the box office and in just about every movie magazine and website review we’ve read.

But fear not, The Round up is here to set the record straight. While this isn’t the greatest movie ever told, it’s far from the apparent rubbish a lot of reviews would have you believe.

The plot centres around V, a masked urban terrorist / freedom fighter, depending on which side of the fence you’re standing on, and his single handed mission to bring an end to the fascist government of Adam Sulter (John Hurt). Into this mix falls the beautiful Evey (Natalie Portman) to add a much needed sounding board to V’s rhetoric.

Although we never see V’s face, Hugo Weaving does a great job of bringing emotion and depth to what could be seen as a cold and calculating killer. Many people have pointed out that this is a big weakness in the film, we however disagree. The point of not seeing the face of V, is because “V the Man", is far less important than “V the Idea".

To give a human edge to V would be to detract from the over all ideal for which he stands.

Another reason we feel this movie got the panning it did was in on large part due to the trailers. It’s often the case that trailers show all the best bits of a film before you even get to see it. Here, on the other hand, V for Vendetta is billed as “Another Action Movie from the makers of the Matrix". This sells both the audience and the film itself short. While the movie contains some great set action pieces, it’s far more cerebral an experience than the trailer would have you believe.

Lastly, the climate into which the film was released was far from beneficial. Terrorism on the door step, hijacking of planes, war in foreign countries, all these things lead up to a very uneasy feeling in the general public. Add to that a film that tackles the “other side" of terrorism, albeit in a “comic book style" and the film makers suddenly find themselves having to defend against claims that they are glorifying terrorism.

That all being said, this is an intelligent and interesting take on the fight against fascism , the idea that one person can make a difference and that belief in an idea can sometimes be bigger than the person themselves.

Falling into the “Love It or Hate It" category, is often the sign of a cult movie. We suggest you watch it for yourself and make up your own mind.

It’s what V would want!

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