A Few of My Favorite Electric Guitars

Bill McRea

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There are favorite electric guitars that every guitarist will love to have. Yes, every guitarist will be glad to own a ‘54 Strat or a ‘58 Les Paul. But that's as far as it goes: Love to have. These guitars simply cost a fortune and unless you're a guitar star, you'll only own them in your dreams.

So, for the rest of us, here are favorite electric guitars that you can own even if it means taking a mortgage (At least you can pay for these ones). . .

For those of us who still insist on having a guitar that will give us some bragging rights, here's one that should attract a lot of envy: Fender Custom Shop Limited 60th Anniversary Presidential Strat.

This electric guitar is built by Fender Custom Shop. In case you don't know about this shop, they have been responsible for the building of Fender's reproduction of past classics and highly personalized custom Fender guitars. Both of which are very respected categories of guitars. These guitars are built by the same hands that built Fender guitars for Eric Clapton, Keith Richards and Merle Haggard.

The Fender Custom Shop Limited 60th Anniversary Presidential Strat will not have more than 100 issued.

I won't go into all the features that make this guitar such a great favorite. If you want to get the details, check any online store. And I won't be surprised if you drop your jaw in disbelief. Well, that's a personal opinion.

The next guitar I'll like to talk about is one that's not just going into my select collection. This one will go on the road tours, gigs, studio and anywhere else in-between.

If I had to pick only one guitar for all my playing needs, it would be: Line 6 Variax 700 and for good reason. . .

This electric guitar is the equivalent of the world's best acoustic and electric guitars all rolled into one. It models a total of 25 great guitars and string instruments! Thanks to modeling technology from Line 6.

Here's what it comes loaded with. . .

Great models of different classic electric and acoustic guitars, a resonator, electric sitar and a banjo. All you need to call any of these instruments up is just a knob and the 5-way pickup selector. Imagine a guitar that suddenly changes from a Strat to a Martin acoustic guitar with just the flip of a switch and you get the real picture.

I love this one because of its versatility. Yes, for those who really demand a lot more from one guitar, here's your baby. Try it out and see if it won't become at least one of your favorite electric guitars too.

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Electric Guitars and the Different Types of Pickup Used
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