Why Getting A Custom Tattoo Design Online Is Better Then At Your Local Tattoo Parlor


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We often get asked by people “Why would I want to get a custom tattoo design online instead of at my local tattoo parlor". Many people feel more comfortable at their local parlor and are worried about getting custom tattoo design online. People for a variety of reasons are still worried about purchasing things online. We fully understand the reasoning behind this thinking. However getting a custom tattoo design done online has many benefits over getting one done at your local tattoo shop.

Most local tattoo shops have two or three tattoo artists at the most. So when you go to your local shop and ask them to design a custom tattoo for you you often are limited to only the two artists or so that work at that parlor. Sure this is okay but if you think about it only two artists is pretty limiting. Each tattoo artist has their own unique style it is after all. So you are limited to getting the look and feel of the tattoos artists that work in the shop.

However when you post a job for a custom tattoo design online you will frequently have 5 or more artists all bidding to do the work for you. Having more artists means you are more likely to find a tattoo artists that better fits with the style of tattoo design that you are looking for. Further more as we all know when people compete for your business you get better quality at a lower price. Furthermore online tattoo artists often earn a great deal of their income from custom online tattoo design work and therefore they are eager to make sure you are happy. They also have a great deal of experience in the custom tattoo deign area where at your local tattoo parlor they might not. After getting a custom tattoo design done you can often leave feedback about the work and the artist. You can choose to leave either positive or negative feedback and this ensures that the online tattoo artists will work hard to get the perfect design for you and make sure that you are happy with the product so that you will eave them positive feedback on the site.

Whereas with your local tattoo parlor the artist doesn't have to compete for your business with other artists and often will not work as hard to please you with the design.

All of these factors help in getting the perfect custom tattoo design of your dreams.

Chris has been running Design My Tattoos website for the last three months.   He likes helping people find the custom tattoo designs and where to get them done by professional tattoo artists. Check out the site and post a job to get your own custom tattoo design .   If you are a tattoo artist and would like to earn some extra income go ahead and sign up as an artists and make some money in your spare time.   Look for more tattoo related articles on the site.


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