TEFL Visits – Stonehenge Mysteries

Andrew Carter

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TEFL Visits – Stonehenge Mysteries Not far from where I teach is a World Heritage site – Stonehenge. Most people who visit us from overseas have heard of it, seen pictures, and are keen to visit. Actually it’s a pile of stones in the middle of a field a few miles from Salisbury. The stones were erected a few thousand years ago by people with no diggers, cranes or tractors, using stones dragged from South Wales, a couple of hundred miles or more to the west.

The thing about the pile of stones is their mystery – the fact that we really don’t know anything about them at all. Sure, they are very old, and they are positioned in a way that suggests our ancestors were excellent astronomers, but at the end of the day they are a mysterious, atmospheric, compelling pile of rocks! I like to take students there (preferably walking there, even though it’s less than ten minutes in the car) and tell stories.

In the telling of stories, trying to unravel mystery lays the root of language. The technique is as valid now for Teaching English as a Second Language as it has always been for teaching children their first.

Stonehenge certainly sparks conversation, questions, and the need for language, from simple questions – how old is it?, what is it for? Why was it built? What’s the big deal? – to more advanced discussion about the sun and the moon, man’s need to worship, and the whys and wherefores of English Heritage! As ever, the trip outside the traditional classroom stimulates interest in the student, and makes for a great lesson in the great outdoors. Teacher – where can you take your students today?

Andrew is a qualified TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher, with 15 years experience of the global Automotive Industry as a Sales manager with an International component and systems supplier. For more information about learning English with Andrew at his home in the UK, visit the Lets Talk 2 website.


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Stonehenge Bluestones Dated To 12000bc (And Might Be From Ireland)
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