Getting Truthful Information Before Buying A Digital Camera


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Digital photography is a fun hobby and can be quite addicting. Go to a social event or on a trip and almost everyone is clicking away with a digital camera. So many cameras, so many models, how do you get some information before buying?

There are two things you have take into consideration when shopping for a digital camera and you need to go back to the days of traditional photography for the first-some companies have made good names for themselves by manufacturing quality cameras. They are not about to tarnish their reputation by making poor quality digital cameras especially now that the transition from film cameras to digital has taken over.

Secondly, there are some companies who made their reputation by manufacturing other electronic products like stereos or televisions also throwing their hat into the digital photography arena. This is where you may want to think twice. Just because these particular companies made great audio or television products does not necessarily mean they have the knowhow and science in the field of photography.

With these in mind, make a list of about three or four photography companies you would consider buying your digital camera from. Then go to each company's official website and get as much information as you can about the digital cameras they offer. A camera that shoots at least 4 megapixels is a good starting point for beginners. Other features to consider are optical zoom, size of LCD screen, timer, and flash. Make sure you jot down all the model numbers too.

Now that you have a list of models and features you are interested in, this is where your shopping becomes more challenging and a bit time consuming. Go to your favorite search engine and look up digital camera reviews. Naturally you will be bombarded with a plethora of sites offering reviews but you do not have to be particular, click on any of the links presented to you.

Once you get to the review site's page, there is a possibility some of the models you took note of from the manufacturers’ websites are already in the review site's navigation menu. The logic is that manufacturers will hawk their latest models and the review sites will, in their attempt to satisfy their visitors, have reviews available on the newest models already.

A good review site should offer the following information on each camera model: 1) all the features available; 2) the pro's and con's of each feature; 3) the price; 4) information about the battery and other accessories that are included; 5) comparisons with other brands of the same level; 6) reviews posted by people who bought that particular model; and very likely 7) tests they carried out on the model. Some may even post pictures of shots they took with the model being reviewed and show what happens when such a feature is turned on or off and so on.

So do a search for the models you are interested in at the review site. If their reviews include all or a majority of the information listed above, you are on the right track. Try to soak in as much information as you can. If you notice a degree of impartiality (in that they do not tend to favor a particular brand), then you can be assured of pretty accurate information. The sites that have a lot of press releases from manufacturers are the ones you want to avoid. Home shopping channels are also a bad source when trying to obtain impartial reviews.

Without a doubt, the first steps are always the hardest and buying the first digital camera is no exception. With so many brands, models and features, a first-timer can easily get confused and wind up with a camera that is actually unsatisfactory. The good news is that truthful information is easily available albeit just a little time consuming to gather. The smart shopper knows that going the extra mile in getting the right information will help avoid having to deal with customer service or issues that will take away from an otherwise enjoyable experience.

Digital photography is indeed a fun-filled hobby regardless of your skill level. To read articles and get more information from fellow hobbyists, please visit the author's digital photography website.


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What To Know Before Buying a Digital Camera
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