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Picture walking up to somebody, requesting for a coin, and then biting into it. A portion is totally removed, and, to their utter astonishment, you chew on it a little. Then, right in front of their eyes, the coin repairs itself with just a magical gesture from you. You can buy this and several other coin tricks right off the Internet. However, if you want to learn some magic using real coins, read on.

Coin through the elbow
Rub a coin into your elbow, proclaiming that you are going to make it vanish. Drop the coin onto the table after a few seconds and declare that it generally works better with the other hand. Act as if you're placing it in the other hand. Then, pretend to rub the coin into your elbow, while the hand that is really holding it goes up behind your ear. Drop the coin down the back of your shirt, and then show that it is nowhere to be found, and both hands are completely empty.

The coin and the glass
Show a glass, upside down, and a coin on a colored sheet of paper. Put a handkerchief over the glass and move it over the coin. Pull the handkerchief off and voila! The coin has vanished.

Trace the glass onto the sheet of paper and cut the circle out. Then tape it to the glass, so when you put it on a piece of paper of the same color it just blends in.

Magic Coin Pouch
Place a coin at the center of a square piece of paper. Fold the bottom edge of the paper, so that it covers the coin, but don't bring this edge completely up to meet the top - leave a small flap. Fold the right and the left edges behind the coin. Then bend the small flap behind the coin. The spectator will think that the coin is fully sealed in the paper. There is actually an opening at the top of the paper pouch. Turn the pouch upside down and let the coin fall gently in your hand without the spectator knowing. Tear the pouch in two, so the spectator can see that the coin has vanished.

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