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Our space program has received in recent times new encouragement from the Administration and also has been made to suffer the negative publicity created by one of its brave, but passionate female astronauts, or is it astronautress?

Our president has mentioned his wish to see a major plan developed by NASA to conquer space, and to undertake major missions to the moon and to the planet Mars. He wants to revive the enthusiasm and vitality of the Astronaut corps and the interest of the public. Space continues to be a great attraction for people of all ages and a jump-off station on the moon is certain to keep the world with their eyes – or telescopes – on our satellite.

In a recent visit to the Space center in Houston, his ideas went beyond a simple moon walk. The moon has lost some of its allure; after all, even Tom Hanks has been there.

In a conversation with the Center's Head of Public Relations he disclosed some of his ideas. She swears that her account of the conversation the President had with the Chief of the Johnson Space Lab is true:

"Chief, I hope you heard my State of the Union speech. Space continues to be the most attractive adventure for the human race. We are in a position to make the next move. "

"I am glad to hear you say that, Mister President"

"You see, we can start with the Moon station, next we embark on the Mars adventure and then we go to the sun!"

The Chief removed his sunglasses and said:

"The Sun? Mister President, that is going to be difficult to accomplish. It's hot out there!"

"Not if you go at night""

Chemical engineer by training, international executive by merit and writer by addiction. Former syndicated columnist of Technology columns, has written for television and movies. His humorous articles contain fine satire and have been published in 4 languages. Quote: “Love and smiles teach tolerance; days without either are days wasted"


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