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EVEN MORE Actual Questions Posted on Yahoo!Answers (Part 3)

Jeffrey Hauser

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WOW! I guess you’re as excited as I am to see these postings. Because you asked, I’m adding even more outrageous questions in this follow-up article. And, if you’ve never heard of Yahoo Answers, here’s a quote off their FAQ page: “It's the place to ask questions and get real answers from real people. It’s fun and educational because you can ask questions on any topic from the serious to the not so serious. And when you know an answer, you can help others by giving answers to their questions. It's all about sharing - what you know and what you want to know. ”

So now you have a general idea of what it’s all about. There are kids asking homework questions, people seeking cheap advise about medical and legal issues and those with obviously way too much free time on their hands. But it’s an interesting microcosm of our culture and says a lot about our society. So, as a public service and a way to kill a few minutes, I’ve compiled a list of some actual questions posted on the site; without any alterations of spelling, grammar, etc. I simply copy, cut, and pasted, while selecting a few from each category. So enjoy a look at what your fellow humans are asking online.

  • What's the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything?
  • How can I find a book that I can't remember the title of ?
  • Why does pencils have black ends?
  • I forgot the quote the Albert Einstein's quote. It's about him inventing many lightbulbs but only 1 worked?
  • Should New Orleans stop re-building and re-locate?
  • My wife was crazy BEFORE she tried to quit smoking. . . . . . ?
  • Where can i get a cute email id addresses to create new one in internet ?
  • Hey do you guys know where can I learn how to breakdance for free?
  • Is it morally right to surgically alter a baby's gender?
  • Why do some people press elevator BUTTONS with their FINGERS while others use their THUMBS?
  • Where are my car keys? I need to know. I have to be at work in in hour. ?
  • What should I be when I grow up?
  • In box mail have no body to the mail received. I can't read the information that was sent to me. Help!?
  • What is the proper wife and secretary relationship?
  • One by one, the penguins are stealing my sanity. Is there anything I can do?
  • What is the story about the man from nantucket? I've never heard it, and wanna know?
  • Where can i find god?
  • Why does my bed have so much attitude ?
  • Does anyone know the name of the hair stlye Will Smith sons have?
  • My left hand has been tingiling for the last half hour, what should i do 2 make it stop?
  • Girls. . . would you help a crossdresser with his(her) clothes, hair and makeup if they asked?
  • I believe I have been pfished, thought you might want to know. ?
  • Can somebody wired money to my bank account for me?
  • How do you know you been jacking off to much. ?
  • Should I skip school, so I don't have to take a test??
  • What is the chemical used in making a condom?
  • What is the best treatment for internal odours that attract flies?
  • I'm a rent payin tenant but the ppl I'm rentin house from wants to get an eviction order. What to do?
  • What kind of dip goes best with lead paint chips, they are so boring all by themselves?
  • If I'm so evil, why doesn't someone smite me?
  • Does any one know how I can get my butt back?? I started to loose weight and now I'm loosing all my butt. ?
  • I have a Sony Rear projection tv? my image is purple. . . . ?
  • Did any of ya'll get made fun in school? If you did, how?
  • I pulled a fairly big chuck of ear wax out of my ear - should I be worried?
  • What is the true pronunciation of Drizzt Do'Urden?
  • How a man who has very big breasts can be small?
  • Why does Yahoo keep deleting my accounts? Is it because they're jealous of my sweetass mullet?
  • What does it's just one of those things mean?
That’s all the quotes I can stand for now. Just remember, they might have been posted by your friends, co-workers or perhaps a close relative. Now that’s really scary and something to ponder…

Jeffrey Hauser was a sales consultant for the Bell System Yellow Pages for nearly 25 years. He graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Advertising and has a Master's Degree in teaching. He had his own advertising agency in Scottsdale, Arizona and ran a consulting and design firm, ABC Advertising. He has authored 6 books and a novel, “Pursuit of the Phoenix. " His latest book is, “Inside the Yellow Pages" which can be seen at his website, . Currently, he is the Marketing Director for a Health Information and Doctor Referral site.


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