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For the active stock photographer, placing your images on a Web-based on-line photo gallery can be a showcase for your stock photography. In some cases, it can also be an opportunity to make new photobuyer contacts and sales. The photo albums, or “malls” as they are sometimes called, range from companies that provide film printing service, to high profile sites that attract professional photobuyers.

If you are just starting out you can sign up with a free site to test the process. These sites usually limit entries to three or four dozen images. You also have to put up with boundless advertising accompanying your page. You need to be aware that professional photobuyers rarely frequent these kinds of sites.

Some on-line photo sites don’t permit extensive keywording. This would limit the ability of a photo researcher searching this site to target in on a specific image that needs to be described in several specific words. Be sure to choose a site that allows extensive captioning (photo descriptions) for each picture. You’ll find Portfolios.com does this, but it’s expensive: $599 per year. It does not carry any advertising.

We have listed a few dozen current gallery sites that we have discovered over the past year. We've listed them all, but be prepared that some of them may already be out of business by now. Which brings up a second caution note for when you choose a free site. Research the stability of the site carefully, the way you need to do when choosing an Internet Service Provider. If the site is not in business in a year from now, you’ll have an uphill task to transfer the increasing numbers of your images to another site.

And finally, the site may be free and well-designed, but if it’s getting few visitors, it would not be the site for you if you’re planning on selling your stock photography. You can check whether a site gets lots of visitors, by using the (free) software, www.alexa.com, to see the ranking that Alexa gives the site.

Two gallery sites we can recommend with confidence, are of course, our own: http://www.photosourcefolio.com, and http://www.photosourcegroup.com. Our Folio site offers you the chance to display ample-sized photos, and is associated with our well-known website www.photosource.com, which gets 8,000 visitors (50,000 hits) per day. That’s a million hits per month. No other stock photography-oriented site on the web gets this many hits per day. For our marketletter subscribers we offer an extensive on-line gallery called www.photosourcegroup.com. This is a text-centric site that works with search engines such as Google. The buyer types in a keyword phrase in a search engine, plus the word photosource, to land on the photographer’s page.

If you have discovered other Photo Gallery sites that we have not listed, or if you have comments about existing sites, please share them with us. -RE

Adobe ActiveShare, www.activeshare.com, FREE

Album Express, press@notetab.com, www.fookes.com/album, $24.95

Anexa, www.anexa.com, FREE

Club Photo, www.clubphoto.com, FREE

DotPhoto.com, support@dotphoto.com, www.dotphoto.com, FREE

FlipAlbum, fabeta@ebooksys.net, www.flipalbum.com, FREE

Folionet, www.folionet.com, FREE

Fotango, support@fotango.com, www.fotango.com, FREE

Fotki.com, www.fotki.com, FREE

FotoTime, support@fototime.com, www.fototime.com, FREE

Global Photographers Search, webmaster@photographers.com, www.photographers.com, FREE

Imira.com, www.imira.com, FREE

InfoPics.com, info@infopics.com, www.infopics.com, FREE

Morephotos, wdsales@wdweb.com, www.morephotos.com, $200

OnlinePhotoLab, feedback@onlinephotolab.com, www.onlinephotolab.com, FREE

OzImage Stock Library, feedback@ozimages.com. au, www.ozimages.com, FREE

Pbase.com, image@pbase.com, www.pbase.com, FREE

PhotoAccess.com, support@photoaccess.com, www.photoaccess.com, FREE

Photofolio, www.photofolio.com, FREE (trial) , $19.99/month

Photographers Index, info@photographersindex.com, www.photographersindex.com, FREE

Photo Highway, info@photohighway.com, www.photohighway.com, FREE

PhotoReflect.com, kgoralski@expressdigital.com, www.exposuresonline.com, $34.95

PhotoSourceGROUP, info@photosource.com, www.photosourcegroup.com, FREE

PhotoSourceFolio, info@photosourcefolio.com, www.photosourcefolio.com, $4.95 month

PhotoStockPlus, info@photostockplus.com, www.photostockplus.com, FREE (trial)

PhotoWorks, info@photoworks.com, www.photoworks.com, FREE

PicturesNow.com, info@picturesnow.com, www.picturesnow.com, FREE

PictureTrail, feedback@picturetrail.com, www.picturetrail.com, FREE

Portfolios.com, info@portfolios.com, www.portfolios.com, FREE (trial)

Shutterfly, info@shutterfly.com, www.shutterfly.com, FREE

ShutterPort, info@shutterport.com, www.shutterport.com, FREE

Snapfish, info@snapfish.com, www.snapfish.com, FREE

Sony ImageStation, info@sony.com, www.sony.com, FREE

Webshots, support@webshots.com, www.webshots.com, FREE

Yahoo Photos, info@yahoo.com, www.photos. yahoo.com, FREE

Note: Data can change from month to month. Consult a search engine such as Google.com to get the latest updates.

Rohn Engh is the best-selling author of “Sell & ReSell Your Photos” and “sellphotos.com. ” He has produced a new eBook, “How to Make the Marketable Photo. ” For more information and to receive a free eReport: “8 Steps to Becoming a Published Photographer, ” visit http://www.sellphotos.com


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Online Photo Sharing Allows You to Showcase Your Photo
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