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If you really want to know the truth about Elvis Presley, I believe I know the answer. In other words, if all of the controversy and publicity has excited your curiosity of whether Elvis Presley is really alive or not, you've come to the right place.

Here's why:

There has been much research completed in this subject. Recently, the filmmaker Adam Muskiewicz has completed a film titled, The Truth About Elvis. Although I respect the filmmaker for his objective research and documentation, there is still no overwhelming evidence that Elvis is alive somewhere in hiding.

I believe it's mostly wishful thinking. Believe me, I would love to find out that Elvis Presley is really alive somewhere. As much as I would like it to be true myself, there is no evidence that he did not die. Furthermore, there is no evidence pointing to the fact that Elvis is alive and hiding somewhere. There is only speculation, and claims that he was seen somewhere.

Most of the cases that claim of his sighting are not even reliable. The question of whether Elvis was spotted or not seems to be similar to whether or not a UFO was really sighted. On August 16, 1977 it was announced that Elvis Presley was dead at 42 years old. If Elvis Presley was really alive, why would he be hiding?

Think about it. If Elvis were alive and wanted the ultimate privacy, he could have achieved it in this day and age of top technology. He would not have needed to go through the trouble of making everyone think he's dead.

On the other hand, if he did stage his own death on August 16, 1977, he has done a tremendous job at keeping it a secret. However, I don't believe it was part of Elvis Presley's character to pull such a thing off. Even though Elvis enjoyed his privacy by renting theaters and amusement parks, I believe he ultimately valued his fame and popularity even more.

Elvis loved being on stage and loved the excitement of a live audience. If Elvis were really alive somewhere and hiding, it means he would have given up the privilege of performing, and interacting with a live audience.

Again, I don't believe that it was in Elvis Presley's character to misrepresent himself and pull off such a hoax of this nature. Moreover, I believe he would have missed recording records, and performing on stage too much to do this. If it were true, did he or didn't he, let his family know about it?

Although it is very exciting and somewhat even romantic to dwell on the idea that Elvis Presley may be alive, the truth of the matter is, he's really dead.

Would Elvis Presley give up all rights to see and be a part of his daughter's life?

Even more important, he would have given up watching his grandchildren live and grow. You may be thinking to yourself that perhaps his daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, was part of the hoax and remains to keep his identity a secret.

I don't believe this is the case, either. Lisa Marie Presley has gone down too many paths, and has lived a life that is reflective of losing a parent at a very young age. I don't believe she would have done the things she did, and lived the life she has over the years, while secretly visiting her father in some secret place.

I find it even harder to believe that Elvis was really alive, hiding somewhere, and this information was withheld from her. In other words, I don't believe for one minute that Lisa Marie Presley would not be given this information. I believe that Elvis loved his daughter too much to sacrifice not being able to see her and be a part of her life.

Let's go back to the theory that Elvis is hiding somewhere. Maybe he did inform Lisa Marie of this information and she has kept it secret, and still interacts with her father regularly. Maybe Elvis is a part of her life, and her childrens’ lives.

Does this sound logical?

I don't think so.

If that were the case, she would be secretly visiting her father, sharing her grandchildren, her life and theirs, all in secret. Of course, the press or anyone else wouldn't have a clue about this information.

Does this sound like something real?

Does this sound like something that could be pulled off in our age of satellites that can take pictures of someone in the yard of their home?

So you have to believe in one of three theories. Elvis Presley is still alive and he did not tell his daughter of this secret information. Or, Elvis Presley is really alive and he told his daughter about it, who remains to keep it is secret, to this day.

Again, I believe that something would have happened over the years of her visitations, and Elvis’ interactions with her and her family, that would have leaked information to the press.

Then we come to the theory that Elvis is really dead. This is the theory that seems to make the most sense. Even though this is the reasonable theory, most people cannot accept the fact of the truth about Elvis.

The truth about Elvis is, the man was an amazing recording artist, entertainer, and personality. However, he's dead. As much as I would like to relate different information, or reveal secret information, the truth is overwhelmingly obvious.

Jonathon Bates is a reporter and researcher of past myths and legends of Rock and Roll, and publisher for various news programs and publications. His weekly column can be read at


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