Art Is You and Me

John Keaton

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The Elusive Architecture of Emotion and Reality

For many years, people have asked and I am certain, wondered, what is it that makes me tick? They cannot, or so it seems, to understand my Passion for Art.

This led me to question myself, well, what is that: ART? How can it be defined? Why is it such a huge part of my life? No matter how many times I repeat myself by saying, “ I don’t care what people think or say , there is a deep and resonant voice inside me that knows I must answer that question. Why, I don’t know. But, I MUST! If not for others, then at the very least for my own sense of well being. So, I decided to find out. That is the purpose of this writing. Above all, honesty is, as we know, the most difficult pill to swallow; yet we all rejoice at its fruition, namely, more honesty. Isn’t that the Terrible Beauty that is Art? I have chosen to write this piece as work of art unto itself. Adjectives, more adjectives and flowing attributes to the Muse that moves me. I am blessed with a love for the Sacred Entity. Dare I call her by any other name? My gift is inspiration and I give it freely, as it is given to me. It is a sacred obligation, like the ocean, a child, and a source.

Art is YOU & ……………………………

Art is: Alive, exciting, adventurous, a fantasy, awe-inspiring, mythical, magical, passionate, consuming, Evolving, exploration, Beethoven, lingering, solemn, wondrous, excruciating, flowing, moving, sifting, Evolving, a Voyage, discovery, enthralling, all consuming, revealing, inspirational, educational, practical, Whimsical, joyous, pious, invigorating, refreshing, solitary, functional, elusive, stunning, calming, generous, thought provoking, expression, therapeutic, opens, giving, multi-faceted, powerful, sacred, simple, complex, Frightening, borderless, nomadic, enthralling, enigmatic, shocking, redemptive, horrifying, magnificence, Glory, humbling, destructive, vain, maniacal, voyeuristic, colorful, pensive, revolting, revolutionary, serenity, An escape, realistic, religious, charismatic, natural, unreal, hallucinogenic, feeble, crude, kind, compassionate, Pacifying, elementary, tedious, truthful, musical, academic, ancient, modern, sorrowful, compelling, dramatic, banal, mundane, significant, frightening, shattering, silly, omnipotent, lively, sparkling, shimmering, planning, decorative, wearable, popular, digital, electronic, chalky, milky, washed-out, muted, thick, pasty, form, Composition, savage, plastic, paint, cardboard, beneficial, old, new, touchy, glossy, dated, style, imaginary, Sublime, incredible, beauty, beautiful, historic, monolithic, agonistic, playful, desperate, unattainable, reaching, examining, facetious, heartbreaking, notorious, epic, tiny, ethnic, cruel, precise, political, indulgent, erotic, sensitive and naïve. Archaic, demonic, bewildering, sonic, super, fabulous, mod, abstract, minimal, Cubist, Surrealist, Expressionistic, romantic, pathetic, dreamy, mad, angry, resentful, sarcastic, delirious, repetitive, ominous, engaging, striving, believing, knowing, seeking, challenging, shapes, squares, circular, angular, Tri-angular, a visitation, sensual, spiritual, black, white, frosty, fluid, chic, eclectic, Impressionistic, Barbarian, Rising, falling, shifting, mechanical, Flying, engulfing, Byzantine, Mesopotamia, African, ultimate, yellow, gold, jonquil, tranquil, passing, manufactured, ritualistic, distributed, a song, a breath, the wind, magic, elixir, symbiotic, chaotic, savage, sweet, mysterious, senseless, all, adrenaline, love, intoxication, lonely, allure, mystique, mystical, pushing, moving, Shoving, sharing, introspective, collective, atmospheric, compassionate, expensive, free, Quick, vain, monstrous, social, emotional, vain, concealing, rare, precious, pleading, lifting, privileged, sanitized, ostracized, romantic, elusive, miserable, tragic, aloof, despicable, contributory, execution, seduction, enthralling, introspective, captivating, hypnotic, hypersensitive, hysterical, real, paranoiac, phobia, terror, truth, traumatic, Resentful, investigative, idealistic, lost, temperamental, prominent, vague, synthetic, eternal, the Womb. Never, forever, transformation, exaltation, supplication, release, crazy, dazzling, solitude, withdrawing, Maniacal, absorbing, bizarre, precocious, vain, genuine, real, illusion, dismayal, native, observation, Neo-Classical, Post Modernist, urban, rural, Paris, Gaudi, Dali, Van Gogh, elevation, repellant, confining and exuberant……………………………………………………………………… …………………………………………………………………. . ART IS ME.

This article copyright 2005 by John Keaton. All rights reserved.

John Keaton is an artist, writer and designer.
A comprehensive Collection of his works can be viewed at:


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