The Complete Digital Photography Lighting Guide: 100% Improvement On Your Photos


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Having the most expensive digital camera with all of the latest bells and whistles is only half the battle. Even the best digital cameras can only take as good a picture as the information they are given. So if you subject is heavily backlit and you have not used a flash or you have used strong spot lights that are not diffused then you will end up with a poor quality photo. That is exactly why digital photography is an art form instead of a science you must learn to manipulate and master a wide variety of elements other then just the camera. Of those elements lighting is one of the most crucial. With out proper lighting and understand how to get it your digital photos will never be that great.

Have you ever seen digital photos that seem to blur and indistinguishable? There are a lot of cases like this. Even if you try and edit them using Photoshop or any other software, you cannot seem to get the desired lighting you want.

This is because you have not considered having the proper lighting when the photo was taken. You were thinking that the camera and its features will be able to do that for you. Yes it can. But they may not reach your expectations.

The secret to getting that perfect picture is to do it right the first time. By doing it right, it simply means that you need to think about how well or bad the lighting is in the process of taking the photo.

Below are some of the natural sources of digital photography lighting that will make your photos look terrific.

1. After sunrise and before sunset.

It is during these times that photography is at its peak. Meaning, photos turn out great when they are shoot after sunrise and before sunset. Why is this so?

This is because the orange color that appears in the sky during these times adds to the colors that your digital camera is capable. Most of the time, some photos appear dull and unrealistic when they are printed because of the representation of the colors when it is printed.

The color of the environment can add a sort of brightness to your photos. In addition, it will make it easy for you to edit them on your computer once you feel that you want to put in some combination in the natural setting of the picture.

2. Sunlight.

Sunlight is one form of lighting that is very effective once you know how to modify your shots. Keep in mind that you are not capable of altering the brightness of the sun or the shadows that it can create on your photos.

It is up for you to choose the best position wherein you can make the most of the light that is emitted by the sun. Work them to your advantage. Try on different angles and see if they look perfect once frozen.

You can also make the most of the drop shadows that is created by the sunlight. Just make sure that they will not blur your photo. Fro minor adjustments, you can just edit the photos straight from your computer.

Shooting digital photos is not only about having the most advanced digital camera. It is also about looking for strategies and techniques that will benefit your shots. Try to shoot your photos with the perfect lighting and you will see that you do not need to edit or add some more colors in them.

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How to Sharpen Your Photos - Digital Photography Tips
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