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I have always loved the racetrack ever since I was a kid. I had 4 uncles and every one of them loved to bet on horses. And all had a horse racing system that works. All 4 made a living directly from betting on horses.

When I was a growing up, especially on my summer vacation, I would in avoidably end up at the racetrack nearly every single day. One or all of my uncles would gather me up and take me to the track. And each of my uncles had a different horse racing system.

My favorite uncle was Uncle Jake. There was something about him that made not only me but everybody else that came into contact with him feel comfortable. He was a pudgy man and was losing his hair but he had a fresh smile and a kind word for everybody he met.

When I was younger I loved going to the track because of those giant beautiful horses. They amazed me with how fast and powerful they were. It wasn't until I became a teenager that I became aware of the betting side of horse racing.

I became aware of the betting side because I realized that very rarely did any of my uncles leave the track without winning a substantial amount of money. And I realized this because at the end of the day on the way home in the car they would give me a few dollars of their winnings for spending money. The better their horse racing system worked that day the more money I would get.

I can remember this one hot August day when my Uncle Jake took me to the track. It was the kind of heat that made you sweat just thinking how hot it was. I remember sipping a cold soda and watching my Uncle Jake as he studied his racing form. It didn't take him long to pick the horses he was going to bet. So I asked him how he chose a horse. And this is what he told me.

He told me that his betting system was simple. The simpler the better. He told me that he only bets on a horse that lost its last race but won its previous race in the current season.

And he told me he only betted that horse provided the horse was running again within 30 days since its last race. He also said that if a race had more than 2 horses that met this criteria he wouldn't bet on the race.

That was his whole system. And he used it all his life.

Now even though I grew up around gamblers I have never been much of a betting man. My Uncle Jake has been dead for many years now. I wonder if his system still works?

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Charlie Warwick is a freelance writer and researcher. To find out more about a horse racing system that works please visit How to Win at the Horse Races.


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Finding A Horse Racing Betting System That Actually Makes You Money
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