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Why are we so fascinated by horoscopes, astrology, birth signs, star signs and psychic ability? For centuries we humans have looked to the stars for an infinite amount of wisdom and guidance yet a large number of us will admit that we don’t always believe what we read about our horoscopes. I have to admit that anything to do with ghosts and hauntings and such phenomenon have me totally gripped as I kind of think that this can’t be the only life there is, there must be more to it than just this.

Certain experiences and unexplainable events in my lifetime have convinced me this must be true. However, it baffles me how psychic ability allows us to predict the future and millions of us regularly read our horoscopes to see what may be in store for us in the coming days, weeks or months. I will openly admit that although I do not understand how it is possible to predict the future I check out my horoscope every week in the TV mag in the hope of good news. I know that my partner often reads his stars too out of curiosity.

How many of us then dismiss the stuff that either doesn’t apply or is somehow derogatory by commenting what rubbish it is, yet strangely we feel uplifted by the possibility of something positive that is predicted? I suspect that human nature dictates how we respond to good news and positive energy, as it does with negative comments or periods of uncertainty. Nevertheless we are as a nation very intrigued by the whole phenomenon and it has become a massive industry. This is certainly true of horoscope relationships. I have friends who are not afraid to admit that when they begin a new relationship they readily bury their heads in books relating to horoscopes and star sign compatibility.

This reassures them in some way that this relationship might work just fine because Mr Right has a compatible birth sign to theirs. They will go on to read up on everything to do with his birth sign including his faults, his good points, his character, even his long term health probability! And they are not in the minority. Maybe there is something to all this after all. We all know that humans have been predicting the future for many centuries and some have deemed to be successful. Just check out all the literature in your local bookstore and that confirms how huge this interest is. Now what does my horoscope say about me today…

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