Fortune Telling: a Fun Party Entertainment Idea


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Fortune telling, or psychic entertainment as it is sometimes called, is an excellent way to liven up your party or special event.

It is both fun and highly popular with guests.

If you are thinking of hiring a fortune teller to be part of your party entertainment, it is helpful to know what she is providing and how she works.

The appeal of fortune telling as a party entertainment idea is simply that guests love to hear about themselves. Even skeptics listen intently as a skilled fortune teller zooms in on what makes them tick.

Psychic entertainment is found at events ranging from gala fundraisers, tradeshows and cocktail receptions to family and holiday events. And fortune telling is a very successful party entertainment idea for bachlorette parties, ladies’ teas, and birthday parties for adults, teens, and even older children.

A competent party reader relays his messages in an upbeat manner that leaves guests feeling empowered.

Although fortune telling comes in various flavors, each type relies on some form of divination, that is, accessing a universal or divine intelligence. Many types of fortune telling rely on accumulated bodies of wisdom that are expressed in symbolic form. Tarot and Astrology are two examples.

The reader (the preferred term for a fortune teller) gets his or her information by analyzing and interpreting the symbols.

But since the symbols are designed to open the reader's intuitive sense, he or she will add his psychic impressions to the reading, if the reader is at all intuitive or psychic.

In a party setting, readings are kept short and sweet, just several minutes apiece. The subject may choose to be read privately or allow her partner or friends listen in.

Some types of Fortune Telling commonly used for party entertainment

Astrology sees each moment in time, as it exists in a particular place, as unique. And the uniqueness of each moment unfolds over time.

We can't see time, so, instead, astrologers use the predictable rhythm of the planets’ motion as an analogy to describe how the qualities of a particular moment of time unfold - say the moment of your birth.

OK, that sounds pretty abstract.

But it's the reason astrology is both an excellent tool for character analysis as well as timing. Today Astrology is used for guidance in areas ranging from personal guidance and enlightenment, understanding relationships, business and strategic planning, and, yes, it is an excellent way to fill the bill when looking for party entertainment ideas incorporating fortune telling.

Astrology has been around since the Babylonians where it was used to help the head of state align himself (and his country) with the will of the heavens. And has been used in civilizations as diverse as the Mayans, Classical Greece, the Roman and Moorish empires, China, India and on and on.

In a party setting, your astrologer will probably use an ephemeris, a book of planetary tables that describes daily planetary positions.

Some may use a laptop computer equipped with software that will do computations on the fly. (Guests get to see their actual birth charts while the astrologer interprets).

When most people think of fortune tellers, they are thinking of someone reading ‘cards. ’ Tarot is arguably the most common form of fortune telling party entertainment.

‘Cards’ refer to the deck of Tarot cards. And each Tarot card carries a distinct set of symbols.

Tarot decks consist of 78 cards; 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. The minor arcana are divided into 4 suits, pentacles, wands, cups, and swords The minor arcana suits correspond to the diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades of the modern playing deck.

Guests enjoy looking at the colorful cards of a tarot deck. The reader finds meaning by looking at the set of symbols on each card and the placement of the cards in the spread.

The guest will ask the reader a question about something going on in his or her life. The cards are then shuffled and laid out on the table. The fortune teller, or reader, as she is often called, then interprets the cards.

Palmists read by analyzing the shape and lines of your palms.

Handwriting Analysis
Handwriting Analysts or graphologists analyze the unique qualities of your handwriting. They will look at such things as the weight of your line, the slant, shape of letters, margins, etc.

Handwriting analysis is not fortune telling per se, it has practical uses in such areas as forensic and personnel work. But it is a handy tool for character analysis and lends itself well for party entertainment.

Psychic or Clairvoyant readings
When a particularly open reader uses the methods described above, she or he may pick up psychic impressions along with the other information received using that method. Some readers may prefer to concentrate on picking up psychic impressions directly. When they do this, they are giving a psychic reading. A reader able to pick up psychic impressions easily are referred to as a psychic or a clairvoyant.

Inviting fortune tellers to read at your event is a surefire way to add fun to your event and delight your guests.

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Ellen M. Zucker has been a student of astrology since the late 70’s. Her company, Faces & Fortunes, , provides astrologers, Tarot, palm readers and clairvoyants to entertain at parties and special events throughout Greater Philadelphia and surrounding areas.


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