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Many times television and movie romance is on a grand scale. People fly off to Tahiti, Paris and Rome. Roses are sent in bulk and the chocolates never put on the pounds.

Sometimes – well, most of the time - it’s about the little things. Grand gestures are great, but romance is about those millions of special moments in time. Even the smallest ones.

This is true for romantic poetry, as well.

Love is big and complicated. If you try to cram everything you know and feel into one poem it will become scattered and unfocused at best, difficult or even impossible to follow, at worst. The worst thing – you’ll fail to make a connection with your reader.

Now you know why you shouldn’t – how do you keep from overburdening a poem?

Simply stick to a single element or theme.


A moment in time: Describe a single moment in your relationship that really touched you. Anything from a kiss to a secret smile at a dinner party can be brought to life. Try using metaphor’s to show the love in your poem. Don’t tell your reader the love that is there – let them feel it for themselves. Let them connect with the moment.

A part of the body: The way the eyes can devour a person and the journey a finger can make across the shoulder blades and down the arm are two ways you can show the love you feel.

Elements in nature: A bird caressing the sky as it flies above and a butterfly kissing the lips of a flower both give loving images.

If you streamline your love poetry to a single section or moment it will take on more power and intensity for your reader – and perhaps for that special someone you wrote it for.

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