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Every person has a tendency to accumulate something either intentionally or unintentionally. Some people buy objects or items that they deem important or valuable while others are lucky to just accidentally come by several items of the same kind.

Either way, a person who has in his possession several items of the same kind or classification can already be called a collector. Some people collect dolls, memorabilia, toys, ceramics, guns, and other items. Other items that are very good collection pieces because of their historical and financial value are swords.

The fiercest and most fine-looking swords that were responsible for wars and bloodshed were those from the Orient. Thus, a sword collection without those beautiful Oriental swords would be incomplete.

One of the most notable Oriental swords that should be included in any sword collection is the sword of the Shinto Katana Samurai. An original would be quite expensive especially if it is in good condition but it is very unusual for such an original sword to be found these days.

The only available option for sword collectors is the chance of owning a modern version of the Shinto Katana Samurai which would cost no less than six hundred dollars. But the ancestors of former Oriental Samurais may just have an original Katana Samurai stashed in their basements so collectors should try to make contact these people if they really want to own the original thing.

Another sword type that is worth inclusion in every sword collection is the bamboo stick katanas which were used as an alternative by the Samurais in the 1860s. This type of sword, which sells for no less than five hundred dollars, came to life after the banning of the carrying of swords publicly. This invention shows the ingenuity of the Orientals who found a way to incorporate a samurai blade at the end pf every bamboo cane used as a walking stick.

While original swords command a very high price, this would not mean that copycats or reproductions are already priced reasonably. There are sword reproductions that are still priced highly starting from a thousand dollars.

Europeans also have their own swords which were paired with a shield. Thus, the design of the sword is such that it allows for the grip of one hand while the other hand is eyed for the shield.

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