How to Play and Win with Pocket Queens


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Pocket Queens is a hand every poker player loves to see.

However, this starting hand also scares more players than you may realize because they don't know how to play them properly.

Recently, I was speaking with a newbie player and he told me how he consistently looses nearly every time he gets a starting hand of queens.

He got so frustrated that he started folding them before the flop! Can you imagine? I know. What a moron.

The first thing you must know is that pocket queens is a very strong and solid hand. Especially heads up. You can dominate most opponents with pocket queens in a heads up game.

Let's now go over three key Texas Holdem strategies when dealt pocket queens. Just follow this simple advice and you'll win huge pots!


Like all your hands dealt, your table position is key. If you're in late position then pocket queens gets even stronger. But even from early position you can be confidently aggressive.

Pre-Flop Raise

When dealt a starting hand of pocket queens its important to know that its unlikely that you'll get more help on the flop. Hitting trips probably won't happen.

So its vital to lay down an aggressive pre flop raise with your pocket queens. You want to get rid of the suited connectors, low pocket pairs and opponents holding king or ace rag. Or even sometimes you'll push out someone holding king, jack. Typically raising 3 to 6 times the big blind is sufficient.

Be Willing to Fold Your Pocket Queens

I've seen it happen many times. A person goes all in pre flop with pocket queens. His opponent has ace, rag. The flop comes out ace, 3, 7. Next thing you know the player is sent home because he got too aggressive with pocket queens.

You want to be aggressive with pocket queens just not overly aggressive. By placing a substantial raise pre flop you push out all the crap. Then the people left you can bet they are sitting on an ace or a king.

When and if an ace or king hits on the flop you can be confident that you're beat. Now depending on your opponents play be willing to fold and live to play another hand. Its much better then going all in prematurely and being sent home.

If you're first to act when an ace or king hits on the flop. No problem. Simply lay down a bet of one-fourth to one-half of the pot. The opponents that don't have the ace or king will fold to your pocket queens. If they have it they'll raise you. If that happens. No problem. Fold it.

If an ace or king doesn't hit you can feel pretty confident about having the strongest hand. You just need to be aware of possible sets. A lot of people like to play small pocket pairs. Watch their betting patterns and know when they have the set. If you feel that they do. Fold it. If they don't have it. Be aggressive and take home a huge pot.

PD Laughlin is a successful professional poker player and publisher of He provides free information on Poker Skills, Strategies and Systems on his website including How to Play and Win with Pocket Queens. . Visit his site now.


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