Do You Know What A Good Art Is?


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The best and beautiful things in the world cannot be touched or seen but can be felt from the heart, evokes thought, a lingering memory or an idea to the viewer on seeing it. I think that great art triggers emotions. If it doesn't stir something up they may say ‘That's nice’ and move on, and wouldn't walk few steps to give it a second glance. In my opinion great art can be any style or technique or level of skill, but to qualify as great it has to create a substantial amount of activity in the viewer's mind or heart.

Great art can be a concept or excellent skills in execution, which touches the Mind, Heart and soul of the viewer. Now the questions arise in everyone’s mind, what makes a painting a good work of art? Does the art make us to learn some thing new? Some people says concept of art as an autonomous and privileged activity producing works that have an essence or Qualities.

“A painting should evoke a thought, a memory or idea to the viewer. I will give you an example. My aunt has a painting on her drawing room wall. It was bought by my uncle a few years ago. The painting was about a ship drowning into the sea. A part of it is inside the water and remaining is still outside. It gives a dual meaning on seeing it. Whenever relatives or friends visit my house, every person thinks differently on seeing that painting. Some says the ship is drowning into the sea and some says it is coming out of the sea escaping from the typhoon. This brings out the nature of people being pessimists or optimists.

The perspective of each person is so different, what is amazing or moving to one person may be garbage to another. However, simple a painting is it conveys tons of messages to people. It is really true saying “Some of the best artists in the world keep their paintings simple. They convey one idea at a time. Too many ideas in one painting can complicate and confuse. ”

I personally never got a meaning from it, but my mother says whenever she sees it, she gets something new out of it. Now it makes me realize what an Art is, in true sense. This answers all my questions about what is a good Art, I rather say Great art. ?”

What makes painting a good work of art?

In Plain and simple words, something you just cannot take your eyes off of. Something that you see that strikes your soul to the very depths, which opens your eyes and your mind to the beauty of it. ”

Painting is like poetry that they evoke certain feelings, certain emotions within our psyches on a more primitive level. They have something to them, something you cannot define, and something just outside of the light of our campfire. I think a good art is some thing that comes to everyone by learning, but a “Great art” is an inner talent, only few people have the ability to acquire it.

The next time you chance upon a Great art work don’t let it pass by you. Grab it as it is worth the few extra bucks that might have as well ended in a Pizza place. Now instead it lies in your hallway fixed in time for eternity.

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Travis Jones recommends Canvaz ( ) for genuine work of art in Oil paint.


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