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As an art agent I come across many diverse individuals and artwork. I have a client, Gabrielle Gianella whom photographs nature. She sent me pictures of her pet frogs, an Australian Tree Frog and a Costa Rican Red Eye Frog. Each creature was in fact frogs yet they were so very different in appearance. She had them posed in real-life situations and the idea hit us at the company. We should promote the frogs as diversity. We approached the artist with the idea and she was elated.

Each of us as individuals are very different, yet we are indeed human beings. We want to disregard those individuals we find that are different from us, more often than not, in a harmful or prejudiced manner. Yet, when it comes to the animal kingdom and their differences we want to discover and learn more about them and what makes them different. We will pick up some creatures, examine them closely and become fascinated. If we would do the same with our own species, maybe we could dispell some of the hatred and cruel behavior we project toward those that are different in actions or behaviors, even culture.

Through the photography of Gabrielle maybe we can continue to promote this message of peace and understanding that it is okay to be different in our society.

Children struggle in school because they aren't like everyone else, we champion those that are different and do not meet the accepted staus quo. The ones that choose to be different are usually the creators of products and philosophy that make this world a better place. It Is Okay and Acceptable to be Different! Celebrate Diversity!

Roth DuBois

http://www.emergingmagazine. xbuild.com


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