How To Find A Horse Betting System That Wins Consistently


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Winning money consistently in horse racing does not have to be a very difficult task.

Yet, most people who bet on a horse, lose their money. Why is that so?

Well, a proper mind set as well as discipline are very important in this field. Professional punters who make a living off the tracks all have good betting systems as well as the discipline to stick to them.

I will discuss the mindset and discipline factors in another article. In this article I would like to focus on finding the right system for you.

There are maybe hundreds of different horse betting systems. Some of them are computer based, but most of them guide you to pick the horses yourself. Each one of the owners of these systems is willing to swear that his system is the best in the world.

Many of the system will work, if used properly and consistently. The problem in most cases is in the punter, not the system.

But still, what are the guidelines one should pay attention to, when picking a system?

1. It should be based on a verity of elements that influence the race outcome. Don't use a system that ignores crucial elements such as the track condition, the horse's fitness, the barrier drew, the distance ran and more. Ignoring these elements will have negative effect on your winning average.

2. It should be conservative. A good system filters the amount of “qualifing" races you should bet on. There are dozens of races every day, why pick more than one race per day, or even one per week? Your system should help you locate the best possible race to put your money on. Remember - you need just one wining race per week to become wealthy!

3. It should be proven. Ask the system owner to show a track record of the system It's true that past performance is no indicator of future performance, but still, it's better to invest in a system that had past success than in one that hadn't any.

These are the key guidelines you should seek when looking into a betting system. Remember - getting a good system is the first step. The rest is up to you, your discipline and how well you follow the system.

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Horse Betting - Can US Citizens Bet Horse Racing Online Legally?
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