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Alastair Harris

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Adam Sandler seems to make many light comedy's, Water Boy, The Wedding Singer, 50 First Dates and now Click. Whilst light comedy meant to entertain most of these movies also have a moral lesson. The movie “Click" also stars Kate Beckinsale (basically good looking trim only), Christopher Walken and a surprizingly descent performance by David Hasselhoff. It was directed by Frank Coraci the same guy who directed the wedding singer. The movie is 103 minutes long.

The story basically goes Adam Sandler's character is given a supernatural remote by Christopher Walken. Adam finds life to difficult with too many demands from family and work. The advantage of the remote is that he can skip things he doesn't like, pause and do slow motion - hence the obligatory chick running passed with the big *** , and like cheap laughs. Adam can also skip traffic jams and the like.

Things start to go wrong when he skips sex with his wife and the remote keeps skipping large portions of his life. Although his career is successful he misses out on the really important things and finally loses his wife, ignores his Dad's last goodbye and ends up at the end of his life chasing after his son to tell him to forget career that family is most important. I want tell you how it ends but the lesson is clear - what are your priorities in life? Are you missing the best parts?

This same lesson is not learnt by many of us. We work a 40 hour plus week and have less and less time with our families. I for one have already decided that I want the best for my family but not by being sacrificed on the altar of work - I am building an online business to generate the lifestyle and freedom I want for my family - what are you doing?

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