Your UFO has Arrived at the Planet Earth

Seer Rhykan

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After traveling for several million years you have finally arrived at your destination. Where should you land? The aliens down there have seen your craft as you search for the landing site that was advertised in the brochures. Someone should review the stuff those copywriters are pumping out.

Is it in Mexico? I don’t think the boss would choose there. Didn’t he have a little problem with them during WW II as they call it on Earth? Well maybe they said NEW Mexico, we better take a look.

When you left after dropping all those frozen peoples bodies into the volcanoes and then dropped hydrogen bombs on them to release their souls into Earths atmosphere you planed to come back and save some of them. They would attach themselves to the humans, who you predicted would evolve from clams.

Every few years there is a jump in UFO sightings; this is because the time – space portal to Theta is only open 2 days a week. A Thetan week is 7 ½ earth years and that is when the sightings peak. The ships have to return during the same opening they arrived in or the people on board will become psychiatrists. This is against their religion.

It appears the landing site has finally been set up by the Chosen Few. They have engraved the Holy signal into the desert near Trementina, New Mexico, right where Ron said it was supposed to be. (N35.31.56.59, W Traffic is expected to be heavy in the coming months as Sea Org staff come and go in their new saucers. There is a lot of work going on off Planet, reincarnations, advertising on new planets to set up Foundation franchises, the new casino on Mars, movies being made, just about anything you can imagine and some that you do not want to imagine!

Watch out for those Thetans! They will stick to you and it will cost you thousands of dollars to have them removed. This can only be done by a licensed Thetan removal service and guess what! You will not find them advertised in the Yellow pages, but if you want to you could ask a psychiatrist for help. If you can see them when you look in a mirror you should hurry! Some people say they look like Zits!

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