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Jimmy and his wife have been invited to an article writing phone in seminar. One of the Gurus’ got their name from an email list and asked if they would like to participate as “experts”.

They both tripped over each other as they rushed to the phone and accepted the invite. Hillary (Jimmy’s wife) wants the publicity for her upcoming senate run. Any advertising is good advertising, her advisers have told her. One good thing about phone in shows is no one can see you. If you look frumpy and burned out, who cares?

Jimmy of course is always ready to get in on any free publicity. There is sure to be at least a couple of chances to mention Dang Purr Gewgaws. That will make him look good back home.

They are on the way to the Guru’s studio in Hillary’s government limo when the driver pulls over and says he is quitting. Why? Asks Jimmy. I am sick of the job and have a better offer from the president of AwlMarket. They will give me a 50% pay raise and 2 hours free shopping at any AwalMarket store per month.

Jimmy say’s are they looking for any more drivers? Hillary grabs him by the _alls and gently squeezes, saying now, now Jimmy! Jimmy quickly say’s “only joking” to the driver. The driver gets out and walks away.

As they try to decide who will try to drive the car they notice a large hole in the fence beside the car. It is as if someone had driven a tank through it. The bricks and concrete are shattered and strewn all around them. “I wonder what did that”, Hillary says. Jimmy says “I think it must have been a tank”.

They decide to get out and take a closer look. As they approach the remains of the fence they see what looks like blood on the sidewalk. Jimmy says “this does not look to good, maybe we should get out of here”. Hillary agrees and they turn to go back to the car. The car drives away!!!

Oh oh! Looks like someone just stole the car! Not again, have you got your cell? “No I left it in the car”, says Jimmy. “Nice going! It’s a good thing mine is always in my purse” Hillary says. “Where is your purse dear?” Tabranac!, I left it in the car! Now what?

We better start looking for a search engine, and fast!

My games and blog ( ) are devoted to the next phase in marketing - Role Playing for the New World! As I explain and show the fun that it can be to play the role of a Banker, a President, or a crazed terrorist with 85 lbs of explosives strapped to your 80 lb frame. Imagine! wandering into the Harry Potter premier! Visions of virgins dancing in yor head! Maybe you will want to play the part of a mortgage broker? Help people ‘get the home they have always wanted’ during a housing bubble!! Talk about realistic! There will be Tech bubble guys, gold bugs, free article writers, gurus of all kinds, and many others. All dedicated to helping you spend money you have not earned yet. Write on target.


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