Payday! Your Free Market Role Playing Begins

Seer Rhykan

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Payday! The players have their new credit cards. Some have cash! They refinanced the house. Things are looking good.

Let's follow Jim and George to the Mall. They have a nice new SUV and the tank is full. We will pick them up in suburbia, it is about $15.00 worth of gas from the Big Box they want to visit about 5 miles down the road.

As they drive along we see them stop for some Fast Food. Back on the road again, they stop at a park. They heard on the Sat. radio that some Dragons where loose there. As they arrive they see 20 or 30 City and State Police gathered near the entrance.

Have you boys got any ID? Of course officer, here is my 2005 Dragon permit and my permit to carry. OK boys, have fun and Taser him for me!

Oh no! The Taser battery is dead! Maybe we can borrow one from those nice officers back at the entrance. Lets go, I think I can smell something coming. Hurry! As they jog toward the park entrance they can hear heavy footsteps coming up behind them fast. Afraid to look back they pick up the pace and start running in earnest.

Back at the Big Box a crowd has gathered in front of the 84” TV that is set up in the electronics department. The dragon hunt is on satellite TV live. There are cameras hovering overhead in the new silent drones. Jim and George are the featured players at the moment.

Jim is starting to panic a he gets closer to the staging area. His wallet drops from his pocket. All his cash is in there! He turns, and sees the thundering crowd that is behind him. Someone dodges out of the crowd and scoops up his wallet before he has a chance to go back and get it. The guy who scooped it is gone from site, blending into the crowd like a footprint on the sand.

Now George is wondering what is happening. JIM, what are you doing? We have to get out of here. Its welfare day, forget about the Dragon! We have to get to the liquor store before it runs out of wine.

Jim sees the guy with his wallet! He grabs him and jerks the wallet out of his pocket. Lucky for Jim the guy had no time to spend the cash and then sell his ID to a Credit card Scammer in some 3rd word country.

The crowd in front of the TV cheers as Jim and George break out of the park into the staging area. They decide to go to the liquor store and then call it a day. On the way home they discuss the next round of the game. There will be an article about the “Dragon Panic” in the Times tomorrow.

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