Accident or Purpose? A First Causal of Intelligence


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Accident or purpose? That’s the real, obvious question. However; through more complex perceptions one must ask. Are we humans an accident or purposeful. Are the living creatures upon this planet accidents or purposeful? Why are these separate questions? Because we are truly separate creatures. Humans are not of the sea, amphibians are not of the air; although creatures are similar and share similar adaptable abilities regarding the need to adapt according to environmental changes; they are of different flesh. A man was never an elephant and a tiger was never a sparrow. These are simply only 4 species of the millions, and of course there are species that are related to scientific or obvious connections and have evolved in order to survive, but many are not.

Is it an accident or on purpose? Did you know that based upon the distance between the earth and sun (Approx. 92 million miles), as well as the distance between the moon and earth (Approx. 240,000 miles); the moon and sun even knowingly much different in size look and align perfectly the same size through perceptions of those on earth. It is the question. Accident or purpose?

Science declares that high probability is declared through commonality, and consistency. However, high probability of what? High probability of a designer, an engineer, an outcome purpose of any system. Commonality, and consistency represents intelligent design. How can one see physical finger prints of a creator, of purpose over accident? For one to declare something was an accident is to declare something took place without a purposeful cause. And so it is that many believe that this reality, their existence, this consciousness of existence took place, and exist by its self. Is that even possible? I believe not, simply due to consistent and common processes that could only exist due to a first causal of intelligence.

I propose that there are four incredibly logical factors that exist that point out the existence of a designer. The existence of reproduction, degeneration, the consciousness of time (the knowing of ones degeneration), and the consistent and common placement of physical senses and anatomical parts of living creatures within this reality.

This gives way to the existing forethought of an intelligent causal of life in which we ourselves are contingent. According to Darwinism human beings have had a long bumpy road to development and have evolved over thousands of years, from nothing to something, however; the mere existence of these complex, conscious, consistent, common, and purposeful systems according to Darwinism are simply “accidents”, which would not be initiated by something, but nothing. Strikingly, this means that it was an event that would, not require, would not be conscious, would not conceive or perceive the existence of time or a future or anything else for that matter; however it is only the existence of time, and a consciousness of a future that would bring need for such processes as reproduction within a degenerating circumstance such as this physical reality. This I propose extends the idea that in a reality in which conscious acknowledgment of time, reproduction, degeneration, commonality and, consistency regarding physical anatomy exist; so does one whom is conscious of such circumstances. A designer. After all, how can consciousness come from non-consciousness? How can purpose derive from non-purpose? How can commonality derive from non-commonality? How can the balance of reproduction and degeneration derive from non-consciousness, when the obvious purpose of reproduction is to counter a process such at degeneration that takes place over what we know as time?


1. Forethought of a future exist through cognitive/intelligent thought

2. Degeneration: it takes time: from present time through future time in this reality

3. Reproduction and Degeneration co-exist

4. Reproduction systemically counters Degeneration

5. Intelligent future thinking must exist due to the existence of processes (Degeneration / Reproduction) that require the cognitive intelligent capacity and perception of a future time.

Although Darwin states that all creatures continue to survive by processes of natural selection, reproduction and adaptation, however; one must ask if these systems of reproduction and processes of survival can exist from a causation of nothing. I believe this is the impossibility. Even more so, we as humans ourselves understand and acknowledge time and our own mortality of degeneration. How can such a creature derive from nothingness? It is this intelligence of knowing that connects to the acknowledgment of the need to reproduce oneself. Of course animals instinctively reproduce also, however; humans have the choice to reproduce or not reproduce and it is our ability to make reasoning choices regarding survival that makes us different than animals. This process of survival is purposeful as all biological systems. It is this process that I believe first existed deriving by a designer in order to create and retain an interdependent universe that continues to contain life. This homeostatic process of survival also works with other processes such as in-put, through-put and out-put processes which are also common and consistent within every biological living system. Thus far, commonality and consistency have manifested themselves. Commonly, all biological living systems degenerate, all biological living systems reproduce, all biological living systems need input, process energy in through-put processes, and all have some type of out-put or “waste” process. Consistently, these processes exist across all living creatures – plant life, mammals, sea life, etc. Coincidence? All from an accidental event without influence of intelligent causation? Impossible!


Furthermore, it is of commonality that there seems to be common systems that are utilized for the purpose of environmental interaction. Evolutionist can argue that the general existence of eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and many other commonalities that exist across species simply exist because life demands they exist to survive, however is this enough? I do not believe so. Is it accident or purpose when one begins to realize that not only do many species have the commonality and consistency of having the same existing senses such as eyes to see in their environment, but many creatures so completely different have eyes in the same geographical locations on their anatomical bodies. Is this a consistent and common accident? You see, a sparrow, a human, an elephant, and a tiger all have eyes, and that is amazing enough, however; it is more amazing that they commonly have eyes in nearly the same positions. This is a commonality and consistency that is best left to a designer of purpose. This cannot be a coincidence that a human man, an elephant, a tiger and a sparrow all have their eyes, nose, mouth and ears in generally the same positions and they are unrelated species; but yet have commonality. It is the position of needed systems in order to survive upon the living biological systems I believe expresses the existence of a designer.

The greatest mistake is to mistake all of these processes of evolution, adapting and the maintenance systems of survival as the reason of origin rather than understanding that they are simply as a thermostat; fail safe systems within a created system or universe…designed by a master engineer exposed through the lenses of commonality, consistency and wrapped within systems of reproduction, degeneration and the intelligent ability to acknowledge time.


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