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Similar to Spanish folklore, Spanish Christian music is an expression of the various emotions and values that a person holds dear in life or the knowledge and beliefs that a person has. Even the Spanish Zarzuela that is a drama-musical combining dialogues and music can be acknowledged as having paved the way for Christian music, as most of its themes touches on religious beliefs.

The popularity of Spanish Christian music is presently on the rise, and is attributed to the growth in Christian music worldwide. Historically, Gospel music, in whatever language, was distributed for sale on a regional basis only. Nowadays, there is a clamor for the availability of Christian music translated into Spanish and/or original Spanish Christian music in the United States. Based on 2000 data by the Federal Census, 12% of the United States’ population is Hispanic or approximately 35.3 million people. Given the purchasing power of the Latin music lover translating to at least one CD a week, recording companies are busy producing with Spanish music that glorifies God and contains religious themes.

Alongside the demand for Spanish Christian music is the birth of a number of Latin Christian artists. These artists are Spanish singers, composers, songwriters and record producers. The appeal of the Spanish Christian artists is broad in scope, attracting Hispanics and non-Hispanic listeners who appreciate what Spanish music has to offer. The message remains - Christian values and faith.

Given the success of a number of Spanish Christian talents, the Spanish recording companies do effectively compete with its US counterparts in terms of product standards. There is a need to maintain this momentum in order to gain further ground in the arena of Christian music. This poses a challenge to the Hispanics to continually develop their spiritual musical skills. Spanish Christian music is definitely here to stay for everyone to appreciate.

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