What Construction Means to Your Party Theme

Gail Leino

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Construction, most people either love it or hate it, sometimes both and of course the theme is very popular amongst young children. Construction is of course the making of any structure be it a road, house, spaceship, etc. Most people choose to stick to house or road construction, though the idea of building a spaceship or other unusual structure would make for quite the interesting theme.

The things most related with construction are half built buildings, roads, orange barrels, etc. as well anything involving scaffolding, orange and red flashing lights, or paint, and also of course the tools. The most popular part of construction, has to be the tools and assorted machinery. Drills, saws, shovels, cement, sanders, hard hats, leather work gloves, overalls, thick work boots, timber, metal I-beams, are all great for the theme. Then there are the big things, dump trucks, cranes, bulldozers, etc.

When building anything one needs to have the right tool for the occasion, the small handheld tools for small or detailed projects are all but required. While the medium to big scale projects need the larger machinery in order to be manageable in terms of necessity and speed. In the last century, due to the invention of skyscrapers, underground tunnels, and huge bridges spanning the distance between islands being built, a whole new class of constriction has been developed to deal with these engineering marvels.

These include, a several story tall building that raises itself up above the ground as the construction of skyscrapers goes on underneath, and that will eventually become the skyscrapers, roof. High tech foam and plastics, which are inflated in orbit to create new structures on space stations. An a variety of new construction materials, such as carbon fibers, ceramics, Plexiglas, and others with the needed strength and lightness to build these structures.

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