How To Change A Guitar String


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Learning how to change a guitar string is a complicated task that can intimidate most people, if you want to play guitar this is something you must master. At concerts there is usually someone dedicated to changing strings between songs. This seems like an amazing feat, but if they can do it, you can also learn how to change a guitar string quickly.

As with any other aspect of playing a musical instrument, being able to change guitar strings, has its rules. Firstly, make sure you do one at a time, and when loosening the pegs, do so carefully. Knowing how to change a guitar string, doesn’t mean just cutting the string, or yanking it, as this will most certainly lead to the injury of yourself or a damaged guitar. You should then loosen the end pegs, which may seem stubborn, but do not try to ply them out in agitation, you will damage them, and then you’re stuck. Be gentle to your guitar, and then the process of how to change a guitar string will be a breeze. After the long process of being careful and making certain of things and you have the string out, you are now ready to move on to the next one. As said before do not be in any sort of rush, this is not a procedure that can be hurried. It’s like a doctor working on his patient. Your guitar was hurt (the strings were damaged) and you are the doctor needing to give it new life. If you are not careful you might end up shortening the life of your guitar. And always remember never to use furniture polish.

So, when all old, damaged strings are out, you can start unwrapping the new ones. For easy stringing be sure to buy the strings that come with the color coded knobs on the end, as this lets you know which notes each string plays. If you are still unsure, there are plenty stores that sell a how to change a guitar string manual, though, it will most likely be a maintenance manual.

Now that you’ve figured out how to change a guitar string and which string goes into which hole, you can start threading them through one at a time. Start with putting the knob end of the string into the peg hole and reinserting the peg. Please remember, to save yourself some time, after inserting the string and the peg into the hole; keep the string taut at all times. After you have done this with one, you are ready to insert the other end of the string into the tuning peg. Remember that you want to tighten the tuning peg, always, to the right. Once you are happy with the first one, you can move on to the second and then the third, then the fourth and so on, until your guitar is ready for another jamming session. All the while, always keep in mind that the best and easiest way to change a guitar string lies in a very cool head. Keep your cool and like, with everything in life you will do it with professional ease. Learning how to change a guitar string is an art on its own, so a professional musician is a person who is good at all sorts of art forms. Can you call yourself a pro?

Gen Mason is a guitar player from Florida. Discover free how to improve your guitar skills at Jamorama

how to change a guitar string

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