Heaven is Here!

Paul Davis

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The kingdom of heaven

Does not come with careful observation

Religious hesitation

Mental reservation

Lukewarm resignation

Devilish deviation


Neither is it a denomination

Made by men


The kingdom of heaven

Is within

Hard for some to understand

So simple

It takes a theologian

To complicate the matter

Mess up the message

Interpret and expound

Push deacons around

Settle the congregation down

Dull the service

With a funeralistic frown

God however wants to bring

The kingdom of heaven to town

To turn the nation

Upside down

To dunk us all in the river

No, you won't drown

It's a river of life

Liquid love

From the Holy Spirit

The good news is for all

Though few will hear it

After Jesus rose from the dead

Heaven received Him

And the peoples on earth

Wholeheartedly believed Him

Yet Jesus did not leave us

Without a guide

You don't need to look very far

If you are born again

He's deep inside

The Holy Spirit bears witness

To the cross

On which Jesus did bleed

To forgive humanity's sin

And meet their every need

Heaven has now come to earth

It's all in the Holy Spirit

Righteousness, peace and joy

More fun than a toy

You can experience it

Get it, got it, give it!

New birth for you

In Christ Jesus

For me, you and us!

Heaven is here

The new wine of the Spirit

Better than beer

Corona, Bud, or Becks

The devil's power is broken

He's off our necks!

Newness of life

For whosoever will

Just begin to feel

God is nearby

Heaven is here

There's no need to cry

Nor reason why

Just enjoy it now

It is no lie.

Paul Davis is a life coach (relational & professional), traveling minister and fitness trainer. Paul is the author of several books including Breakthrough for a Broken Heart; Stop Lusting; and God vs. Religion.

Paul is a popular worldwide keynote speaker, creative consultant, humor being, explorer, mediator, minister, liberator and dream-maker.

Paul's compassion for people & passion to travel has taken him to over 50 countries of the world where he has had a tremendous impact. Paul has also brought revival to many in war-torn, impoverished and tsunami stricken regions of the earth. His nonprofit organization Dream-Maker Ministries is building dreams and breaking limitations.

Paul's Breakthrough Seminars inspire, revive, awaken, impregnate with purpose, impart the fire of desire, catapult people into a new level of self-awareness, facilitate destiny discovery and dream fulfillment.

Contact Paul to minister, speak at your event or for life coaching: RevivingNations@yahoo.com 407-967-7553.

For additional info: http://www.DreamMakerMinistries.com , http://www.CreativeCommunications.TV


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Heaven and Who Enters
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