The Doghorns


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There they go. Every neighborhood has them. These are the barking dogs that let everyone in the entire neighborhood know when you or anyone else nearby arrives home.

I call them the doghorns.

The doghorns can sound off to many occurrences. It can be the mailperson arriving. It can be the neighborhood kids playing in the street. You slamming your car door can set off the doghorns. You getting your morning newspaper from your driveway in your pjs can set off a loud and embarrassing doghorn. Playing with anything electronic outside can set them off. You can yell for your spouse to come in from the outside and get a rousing doghorn.

Sometimes a loud cough or sneeze can set them off. Even your laughter outside may set them off. Some of us may freeze at a standstill in our yard, like deer caught in headlights after hearing the doghorns start up. Some of us cringe and run for cover. This is especially true if it was your noise that set them off.

Some doghorns last forever and some are brief. Sometimes it is a lone doghorn sounding alarm and many times it can be group doghorns.

Sometimes the doghorns can alert you to interesting happenings occurring in the neighborhood such as a fight, a break in or a suspicious character lurking nearby. The doghorns can cause early morning neighborhood joggers quite a scare, when they sound off loudly, as the jogger runs by. Sometimes the doghorns can sound off the entire time you are outside working on your home improvement project or car repair job.

Some doghorns are just false alarms and caused by the dog owners.

I have learned to pay attention to persistent doghorns. It may be nothing but, it could be an alert to something important happening in your neighborhood. Wouldn't you want to know? They think so.

This has been the doghorn report.

The doghorns may sound off anywhere at anytime.

Be aware.

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The Doghorns
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