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Photography is one of the most expensive hobbies that a person can get into. In addition to the camera, one will also have to buy films and spend for the developing. And as you become more enmeshed with the activity, you will probably be adding a list of different add ons for your camera or even buy special cameras that perform specific tasks.

One of the most common add-ons that professional and even amateur photographers spend their money on is the lens. This is one of the most basic parts of the camera and yet the most crucial. There are different kinds of lens that function according to the needs of the photographer.

Most cameras especially those that are used by professionals have the option to interchange or add lens. There are actually to main types, the fixed focal lenses, which are also called the prime lenses and the zoom, which is primarily used to alter the focal length and lets you take shots of objects that are really far away.

Wide angle lens, for instance, will allow you to take photos within short distances. This is ideal in photoshoots that are done with limited space. With a wide angle lens, the photographer need not walk backwards to be able to get the whole image. Telephoto lens, on the other hand, will allow you to narrow down the angle of view. This is also called the long focus lens because it allows one to take pictures in long distances. One kind is the short telephoto lens that are especially great with pictures from head and shoulders. This is why it is also called portrait lens.

Another kind of lens is the zoom lens, which come in different focal lengths. You should remember that there are zoom lens that can also function as a telephoto or wide-angle lens. This is why some photographers invest in good zoom lens instead of buying separate lens. In addition to the convenience in price, buying zoom lens will also lessen the equipment that you have to carry.

Other equipments that a photographer have to invest in are tripods and of course a good camera case that will protect it from all kinds of weather. Tripods are used to minimize the shakiness of the camera that will result in blurred or double images. For personal use, tripods are handy if the photographer also want to be included in the photo.

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Image Stabilizers - A Great Lens to Add to Your Photography Equipment Collection
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