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The soul of a country, is stricken with grief
Around the globe, sadness abounds
Because cowards, with their false belief
Destroyed families, by the thousands

All over the world, people mourn.
Men, women, and children -
Some still unborn -
Are dead, because of some sick men.

Innocent folks, from every faith
were massacred.
Yet our flag's unfurled.
These non-human beings have loosened the wraith
of death, upon the entire world.

The war machines are being prepared.
The Battle Hymn comes from every throat.
All over the earth people are scared.
Still, some two legged animals gloat.

I do not know if they believe in hell,
But this I know in my very soul
They will feel every horror of every cell
of their victims, in their own death knoll.

Athena 9/13/01

There are not enough descriptive adjectives to adequately express the horror of Sept. 11, 2001. No one, who watched those towers come down, will ever forget that day. Coming from the City, I knew the Towers, and witnessed the aftermath. Where once the proud towers stood, became a twelve acre hole in the ground. I think everyone that has ever seen the Towers should go back once more, just to truly understand the horror of what happened.


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