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In the last lesson we learned about the regular verbs ending in ‘ar. Now we will build work on just memorizing some verbs and conjugating them. All of the verbs listed below are regular verbs and are conjugated by removing the stem ‘ar’ and adding the endings o, as, a Plural: amos, áis and an.

Below are some very common verbs you should memorize and practice using out loud and in writing exercises.

Trabajar- To work

I work – Trabajo
You work (familiar)- Trabajas
You work (formal) – Trabaja
He, She it works – Trabaja
We works – Trabajamos
You work (familiar)- Trabajáis
You, they work (plural) – Trabajan

Dialogue using the verb Trabajar:
First Person: ¿Dónde trabaja Sean? Where does Sean work?
Second Person: Sean trabaja en un restaurante. Sean works in a restaurant

Comprar – To buy

I buy – Compro
You buy (familiar) – Compras
You buy (formal) – Compra
He, She It Buys – Compra
We buy – Compramos
You buy (familiar) – Compráis
You, They buy (plural) - Compran

Dialogue using the verb Comprar:
First Person: ¿Compra gasoline en la tienda? Did you buy gas at the store?
Second Person: No compro gasoline. No I didn’t buy gasoline.

Estudiar – To study

I study – Estudio
You study (familiar) – Estudias
You study (formal) – Estudia
He, She It studies – Estudia
We study – Estudiamos
You study (familiar) Estudiáis
You, They study (plural) - Estudian

Dialogue using the verb Estudiar:
First Person: ¿Estudia Espanol? Do you study Spanish?
Second Person: Si, estudio Espanol. Yes I study Spanish.

Buscar – To look for

I look –Busco
You look (familiar) – Buscas
You look for (formal) – Busca
He, She It looks for – Busca
We look for – Buscamos
You look for (familiar) – Buscáis
You, They look for (plural) – Buscan

Sentence with verb Buscar:
First Person: Por que no buscamos el libro. Why don’t we look for the book.
Second Person: No buscamos el libro porque el libro está en la casa de John. We do not look for the book because the book is in John’s house.

Pagar – To pay

I pay – Pago
You pay (familiar)-Pagas
You pay (formal) – Paga
He, She It pays – Paga
We pay- Pagamos
You pay (familiar) – Pagáis
You, They pay (plural) – Pagan

Dialogue with the verb Pagar:
First Person: Hoy, tú pagas la cuenta. Today you will pay the bill
Second Person: Si, yo la pago. Yes, I will pay it.

Dar – To give

I give – Doy
You give (familiar) – Das
You give (formal) – Da
He, She It gives – Da
We give – Damos
You give (familiar) – Dais
You, They give (plural) – Dan

Dialogue with the verb Dar:
First Person: Por Favor, Da me la pluma Please, give me the pen.
Second Person: Yo te la doy. I will give it to you.

Preguntar – To ask

I ask – Pregunto
You ask (familiar) – Preguntas
You ask (formal) – Pregunta
He, She It asks – Pregunta
We ask – Preguntamos
You ask (familiar) – Preguntáis
You, They ask (plural) – Preguntan

Dialogue with the verb Preguntar: First Person: Pregunta por los numeros. Ask for the numbers. Second Person: Yo pregunto al rato. I will ask in awhile.

For additional exercises to help you with these verbs, try to write sentences with each form of the verb. Try to use different vocabulary words each time. There are many verbs that do not follow the regular verb rules and we will be covering them in future lessons.


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