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Kathryn Cassidy

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Superstar Robbie Williams has been the cause of a media frenzy this week when it was reported he had pulled out of the South American leg of his World tour.

The latest news is that the tour is definitely still proceeding. However there is intense speculation as to Robbie's current state of mind and his physical well-being. Various media sources are suggesting that he is suffering a complete mental breakdown and /or severe depression and needs to abandon the tour to receive intensive therapy.

Robbie is one of the UK's most loved performers. His cheeky, 'little boy lost’ persona combined with an overt, yet often ambiguous, *** charisma has rendered him irresistible to the whole gamut of female's (and males) from kindergarten to grave. Part of Robbie's appeal is the juxtaposition of his incredible wealth, arrogance and fame against his very public battle to find self-worth. He is a high profile, and constant, reminder that money and celebrity do not guarantee happiness. So, can astrology offer any insight into what might be troubling Robbie now?

With a Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius, Robbie was never going to be a shy, retiring wallflower. He was always destined to ‘march to the beat of a different drummer’. This man really is ‘The Electric Showman’ personified. The ‘Robster's’ Moon occupies the sign of Scorpio, one of the most intensely emotional and obsessive Moon placements, in opposition to his Mars in the stubborn sign of Taurus. This sets up a fixed opposition, which when joined by his Sun and Jupiter form a fixed T-square, whose outlet is through the dramatic and attention loving sign of Leo. Part of the conflict that this combination sets up is the need to be noticed, whilst also remaining private. It is indicative of someone who is very highly strung and full of erratic nervous energy that needs discharging. It is also common in the charts of people with obsessive/compulsive disorders.

The Aquarian side to this aspect pattern tells us that he will exhibit a deeply perverse and detached streak that is at odds with his deep emotions, unshakeable attachment to possessions, and anything that produces feelings of security. Basically, the fixed signs have problems with letting go. Whether it be the relinquishment of past resentments, friends who no longer enhance the life, bad habits or life routines that have become like living in a perpetual hamster wheel. When he does decide to let go or leave, it's usually sudden and angrily - with a depth of emotion that surprises even him.

Robbie's well documented pursuit of the perfect partner is hampered because he easily attracts women with his sexy, tactile Mars in Taurus, but has difficulty connecting with them emotionally. This I would suspect is due to his fear of deep commitment . He probably fears the ‘death’ of Robbie might ensue if he was to obsessively lose himself in someone else (opposition Moon Scorpio).

In her excellent book on aspects, Sue Tompkins describes the Taurus- Scorpio dichotomy as such; The Builder Vs The Saboteur. Placidity Vs Emotional storms. Security vs Temptation. The Status quo vs Crisis and Sex vs Taboos. Anyone with even a passing knowledge of Robbie's personality will know that all these apply. Furthermore the ruler of Robbie's Sun/Jupiter combination is in the dualistic sign of Gemini in aspect to Uranus. This person really does feel like two people and his well publicised, periodic bouts of going off the rails, are a result of the polarities that exist within his nature.

We regularly witness the cocky, supremely confident chatty side that Robbie exhibits. In my opinion though this is the cause of his present troubles. In astrological thought, the Sun is symbolic of our outer persona - the person in the spotlight. The Moon is representative of the inner nature. In Robbie's case the two are at odds and receiving multiple stressful aspects from other planets representing conflicting energies in his nature. In essence I believe that Robbies problems stem from a lack of authenticity. He is one person in public, but a completely different one in private. He alerts us to this through his lyrics but is unable to express this in his everyday life. The irony of this is that it renders this songster as feeling psychologically mute. (Saturn in Gemini) Here's a man whose words are listened to by millions but he probably struggles to feel really ‘heard’ and understood by those he loves.

It's all very well being able to read a birthchart and reveal information about someone's personality. The real value of astrology however is in the ability to offer solutions as to how to live with all the different facets of one's personality. The ability to downplay the negative but to accentuate the positive traits (but to accept both as valid) is required.

In my opinion, one-off consultations with astrologers, or any type of counsellor/therapist, is the equivalent of sticking a band aid on a gaping wound. It will only help in the short term. In order to grow, a person needs support and advice in the the form of life coaching and/or ongoing dialogue and interchange to learn how to amalgamate opposing character traits. Pluto knocking on the door of his solar 11th house tells us that the correct therapy would be invaluable to Robbie at this juncture.

Transits involving Saturn are alerting us to the fact that Robbie really has reached a juncture where he has to face up to his depression and take responsibility for his life. He may be confronted by the need to learn emotional independence and find a more supportive structure through which he can channel his talents. But, if he's willing to go within, he'll find a new maturity now. With help and guidance Robbie will pull out of this current abyss. Whatever his personal choices, our love and support for him will endure.

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