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With so much theft and robbery in the cities, one should just be glad to return home safely and unaffected. For that reason, street artists are a joy for the eye: harmless and giving some extra color to the often grayish street life.

Here are some examples of what you can do or find out there. In a honest way. It's like a real business.

  • Buy a beach chair, drench your clothes with oil and spread sand over them. Put a parasol next to you, sit down and wait. Do not move. . . There are many other variants of mime, for example the living but unmoved statue of a roman gladiator. This requires a meditative soul and a lot of patience.
  • Play an instrument. In the metro this works well. You need talent but you can earn quite some money, people always like music. In the mean time you can practice to enhance your skills. This requires some investments and years of previous practicing. Not always an option…
  • Create a new instrument – from nothing. Buy a set of wine glasses and tie them to a wooden shelf and touch them with your fingers. No real investments. But the effect does not last nor does it attract a lot of visitors. It is unique though.
  • Dance. Invite a group of friends and create a real act. This is also a winning bet. People like dance and you can include music. Do not forget that you need one person dedicated to sales – go around with the hat. Do not wait too long, otherwise people leave. Try to convince the public that they can not watch and have only the others pay for it. This is a normal - moral hazard - issue. Solve it.
  • Do nothing. If you are handicapped you can just do nothing but you will cash a lot more if you make something out of it. There are people who make miniature bicycles by only using their feet.
  • Just sit on the floor and write down a marketing message on a small card, put it in front of a little can filled with some coins. Use small money, that will attract other small coins, if you go for the big bucks you will run the risk that you will receive nothing.
  • Recite poetry. This works well if you chase “young” ladies, but poets are rich in their mind but normally poor in (material) life.
  • . . .

You sell as much as people value the (your) product, but additionally you could sell more if you know how to convince your audience to pay. Like in any other business.

And as a spectator that didn’t encounter any pickpocket that day, you think – “I might as well donate something. "

© 2006 Hans Bool

Hans Bool is the founder of Astor White a traditional management consulting company that offers online management tools. Have a look at some of our free management tools


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