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When considering what sort of piercing supplies to go for, first you need to decide on what part of your body you would like to get pierced. Some body parts only require simple kits that you can buy in normal shots. These kits normally consist of a gun that pierces and in the case of ear piercings, will include an earring that is made of steel.

These piercing supply kits include the necessary equipment for cleaning the piercing along with instructions on how to perform the piercing along with any other things that are needed to perform the procedure, providing it is relatively simple and unskilled. That is not to say you cannot source kits for more complicated piercings, but such is the nature of these that they represent a greater risk and are therefore best left to a professional piercer to perform.

A good piercer will have all the necessary professional equipment to hand in order to perform the piercing you want. Unlike in standard kits, instead of a piercing gun, the piercer will perform the procedure using a needle. It is important that the supplies/equipment used is properly sterilized along with anything you may need, including advice, for taking care of your piercing once the procedure has been completed. As with tongue piercings, a professional piercer will use an autoclave, which is an expensive piece of equipment but an essential piece of kit for sterilisation of equipment.

It is important that you find out, after having the piercing done, how long It will take to fully heal, as well as how to properly care for and clean it. Ask the piercer if they have a list of instructions advising you on how to do just that. In most cases piercings heal nicely and cleaning is relatively straight forward but vitally important nonetheless. For more information on piercing supplies please visit our tattoo and piercing site.

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