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Why does the grass make my feet wet as I walk in the morn just begun?
And why is it green, not blue, or pink, or golden like the sun?
Why do the waves on the river make patterns as they flow?
And why do swans float against the tide, when the other way’s easier to go?
What makes a squirrel climb a tree and why do birds learn to fly?
And why do crabs walk sideways and don’t get sand it its eye!
Why do fish swim together, instead of swimming alone?
And why don’t they bump one another, why don’t they shout or groan?
What makes the sea so salty? What makes the sun so bright?
What makes the sun shine for me today –
And the moon come out at night?
Why do the stars to twinkle and what makes a baby smile?
And why must I ask why all the while!

I write about everyday occurrences and events that have either happened to me or to others. I had my first poem published in a magazine when I was 10 years old – since then I have had poems published in a variety of things, and over the past few years, quite a few in anthologies with Forward Press and others.

I have been writing poetry for many years and regularly have it published in print. My poetry is published by Forward Press and in many other publications. So I'm now putting my poetry online.

I publish my poetry on my Blog jo-hale-poetry at http://jo-hale-poetry.blogspot.com/ and on 8hop.com My poetry on 8hop.com . I also have information about my poetry at http://www.squidoo.com/jo-hale-poetry . I'm married to my husband Peter.

I was born in May 1970 and am a Taurean star sign.


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