I Know

Joanne Hale

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You know, I really do mean it
When I say I know how you feel
I do know what you’re going through
Is painful and very real.
I know you’re not exaggerating
Or pretending in any way
It really is a trying time
Getting harder every day.
I do know what you’re going through
As I have been there too
And time right now, just brings you pain
There seems like no let up for you.
I won’t pretend it’s easy
You’ll cope in your own way
You take your time – go at your own pace
And take things day by day.
I know this seems unreal now
But things will improve, it’s true
Step by step, you’ll smile again
With each day that is new.

I have been writing poetry for many years and regularly have it published in print. My poetry is published by Forward Press and in many other publications. So I'm now putting my poetry online. I publish my poetry on my Blog jo-hale-poetry at http://jo-hale-poetry.blogspot.com/ and on 8hop.com My poetry on 8hop.com .

I also have information about my poetry at http://www.squidoo.com/jo-hale-poetry .

I'm married to my husband Peter. . .


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