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San Diego Elder Care – What you need to know if you have a ...

(September 12, 2009)  As baby boomers continue to age, the influx of aging adults 55 years and older into our society is expected to put a financial strain on our state. Those suffering from Alzheimer’s in San Diego alone are expected to nearly double by 2030. This projection by the California Alzheimer's ..

Top Ten Hair Drying Tips

(April 26, 2007)  Hair drying through rough rubbing with a towel when the hair is wet can cause damage, especially if it is already fragile. Here are ten important hair drying tips to ensure your hair is kept in good condition despite the toll everyday wear and tear can have: Hair Drying Tip: Naturally 1. While ..

Healthy Hair Scalp Massage - Step-By-Step Instructions

(April 26, 2007)  Include a scalp massage as part of your daily personal care regimen to grow and maintain healthy hair. In what way does it help? Hair follicles are amazing little hair production factories which thrive on a constant supply of healthy, oxygenated blood delivered by a circulatory system in good ..

Hair Conditioner: How To Choose The Right One

(April 25, 2007)  A good hair conditioner will help offset some of the negative effects of using a hair shampoo. Sebum is a natural oil produced in the hair follicle to give the hair protection. As it has a natural antiseptic it helps guard the scalp against protection. During the day however dirt and grime can ..

Top 10 Hair Tip Checklist When Using Shampoo

(April 25, 2007)  Why a checklist of hair tips on washing and shampooing hair? Surely it's something most people do regularly without thinking. That may be so, but negligence or ignorance in this area of hair care can actually do damage. Make sure you observe these guidelines when choosing and using a hair shampoo: .

Shampoo For Thinning Hair - An Evaluation Guide

(April 18, 2007)  Before discussing what to look for in a shampoo for thinning hair it is important to set out some facts about hair and hair care to avoid expecting too much from a hair shampoo. Thinning hair is a problem experienced by millions of men and women, especially as they get older. By the time men reach .

Shampoo For Thinning Hair - Which Ones To Avoid

(April 18, 2007)  A shampoo for thinning hair may claim to either: add fullness and body to your hair, or perform a deep cleansing action to halt hair loss Shampoos That Add Body In considering the first category, caution is needed to avoid choosing a shampoo for thinning hair that may end up doing more damage ..

Vitamin For Hair Loss - What You Should Know About B, C & E

(April 17, 2007)  This article considers three vitamins for hair loss. When considering the problem of hair loss, diet and nutrition are important factors as it is important to maintain a healthy blood supply around the body which gives the hair follicles the protein and oxygen they need. Vitamin B B-complex ..

Rogaine Review - Lesser Known Details Brought To Light

(April 17, 2007)  Rogaine hit the world by storm back in 1988 after gaining FDA approval. Since then many Rogaine review articles have been published extolling the virtues of this wonder drug in promoting hair growth. However, it is necessary to read between the lines and do more thorough research into the ..

Rogaine Side Effects - A Comprehensive Checklist

(April 16, 2007)  For potential users of Rogaine, side effects may not seem that serious. This is supported by the fact that Rogaine started out as a prescription only medication but since 1996 when the license came up for renewal, the FDA accepted the recommendation of an advisory committee that Rogaine be made ..

Does Rogaine Work? The Facts!

(April 16, 2007)  Rogaine is the brand name for a drug which contains Minoxidil in 2% and 5% doses designed to combat hair loss. The main question is: Does Rogaine work? Consider these facts: Minoxidil was originally developed to reduce high blood pressure. One of the side effects noted was increased hair growth in ..

Ingrown Hair Picture Libraries- The Top 3

(April 16, 2007)  Ingrown hair conditions can range from mildly irritating to serious when infected. Checking online ingrown hair picture libraries can assist by aiding an individual to compare the problem they have with pictures of various ingrown hair conditions. One has to be cautious with self-diagnosis as a ..

Prescription Propecia - 7 Precautions You Need To Know

(April 15, 2007)  Prescription Propecia became available in 1998 after Merck & Co. , the company that manufactures this drug obtained FDA approval. Since then with the opening up of numerous pharmacies online it seems easier than ever to obtain this drug. However, be aware of the following precautions before ..

What Alternative To Propecia For Hair Loss?

(April 15, 2007)  In searching for a viable alternative to Propecia, clinical trial results need to be compared in view of the impressive percentages recorded from Propecia's trials before FDA approval in 1998. Around 83% of the more than 1,500 men who took part in the trials experienced positive results with ..

Shave Back Hair - Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

(April 08, 2007)  Shave Back Hair - Why? Many men feel embarrassed about excessive hair on the back and need a convenient method of keeping the back area hair free. In addition to feeling awkward and risking appearing unattractive to their partner, back hair can also contribute to body odor. Other methods of hair ..

Female Chin Hair Removal - 7 Options

(April 04, 2007)  An economical and easy method for female chin hair removal is desperately sought after by many women considering how self-conscious they feel about facial hair and especially unwanted hair on or under the chin. This article provides an overview of the main options available for female chin hair ..

Why Buy Vaniqa Online Only From A Licensed Pharmacy?

(April 04, 2007)  You can buy Vaniqa easily these days from a number of online sources. However, it pays to be cautious, especially when purchasing prescription drugs over the internet, given the number of unscrupulous vendors operating under what appear to be quite professional pharmaceutical web sites. Before you .

Safe Alternative To Vaniqa For Facial Hair Removal

(April 01, 2007)  Is there a safe alternative to Vaniqa cream for women wanting to do something about unwanted facial hair? Yes there is! In fact, this alternative to Vaniqa was on the market some years before Vaniqa was finally approved by the FDA (Food And Drug Administration) for public distribution on ..

Unwanted Facial Hair Removal: The Top 6 Methods

(April 01, 2007)  The top 6 unwanted facial hair removal methods are: Electrolysis Laser Hair Removal Waxing Or Sugaring Depilatories Hair Growth Inhibitors Tweezers Shaving is not in the list as it can cause stubble which many women find quite unacceptable. Here is a brief overview of each method: Electrolysis ..

Vaniqa Cream - Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

(March 29, 2007)  Vaniqa cream, the first topical prescription for women with unwanted facial hair, came on the personal care scene in the year 2000 after exhaustive testing and clinical trials to meet with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval. This list of answers to frequently asked questions will help you .

Unwanted Facial Hair - 10 Facts You Should Know

(March 29, 2007)  It is reckoned many millions of women in the United States alone are concerned about unwanted facial hair as it affects their feeling of well-being and even their sense of femininity. Vaniqa, a prescription cream, has now been on the market for many years, and although the company who produces it ..

Facial Hair Removal: How To Make It Easy At Home

(March 28, 2007)  Some estimates put the number at around 50 million for women in the USA concerned about facial hair removal. Unwanted facial hair around the lips or under the chin is perceived by many to be undesirable and for a woman, it can affect her self-confidence and feelings of femininity. As a result, ..

Facial Hair Removal: The Vaniqa Story

(March 28, 2007)  With around 50 million women in the USA alone concerned about facial hair removal according to some estimates, it's no wonder some of the large health and personal care companies invested much time and research into developing an answer. That answer came on July 31, 2000 when Bristol-Myer Squibb ..

Does Hair Loss Shampoo Work?

(March 25, 2007)  Can a hair loss shampoo really have any effect? How can you decide whether the claims are genuine or not? How does a hair loss shampoo differ from regular hair shampoo? Many people shampoo their hair on a daily basis or at least a number of times a week. Generally speaking this shouldn't harm the ..

Vitiligo: 7 Key Questions Answered

(February 19, 2007)  One estimate says that as many as 50 million people are affected by Vitiligo around the world, and the vast majority develop Vitiligo before middle age. Review the key facts below to gain an understanding of this distressing condition and put yourself in a position to offer practical help and ..


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