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Adrenal Fatigue How it Affects You

(July 08, 2008)  Our Adrenal glands are tiny pituitary glands located on each side of our kidneys. Though very small, It is important to note the very crucial roles they play and the great impact they can have on our health. They are very important for the activating of our response to stress by pumping the ..

The Top Clays For Health Skin Care

(June 23, 2008)  The well documented healing properties of clay are as varied as they are plenty-full. Whether you wish to cleanse your system of toxins and metals or banish skin problems such as acne, psoriasis or aging skin, you will find that these mineral filled clays are the answer: Dead Sea Mud- This is the ..

Can You Actually Lose Weight by Eating?

(March 08, 2008)  That's a question I hear all the time after mentioning this subject. You see, I am a health and wellness coach. I help guide people reach their goals of reducing medications, losing weight, and reducing high blood pressure the natural way. So the first thing I ask them to do is to start keeping a ..


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