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MRSA Gets Into Care Homes And Gyms

(February 11, 2008)  The superbug Staphlococus Aureus, a strain of MRSA, was implicated in 485 more deaths. Experts say the figures are just the tip of the iceberg because superbug deaths are not recorded properly. Campaigners say hundreds of pensioners are dying in care homes but it is not mentioned on their death ..

What Are Air Allergens And Air Allergies? Asthma Prevention

(January 26, 2008)  An allergy is a condition in which your body's immune system reacts with unusual sensitivity to a certain substance or substances. These offending substances are called allergens, or “triggers". Allergens stimulate your body to produce antibodies that fight the invaders. The antibodies, in ..

How A Simple Fruit Has Some Answers For Asthma And MRSA

(January 26, 2008)  History Though the exact area of origin is unknown, the papaya is believed native to tropical America, perhaps in southern Mexico and neighbouring Central America. It is recorded that seeds were taken to Panama and then the Dominican Republic before 1525 and cultivation spread to warm elevations ..


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