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Looking Pretty and Staying Safe in Summertime Sun

(August 01, 2008)  In the hot summer time, load up on lotion or spray. Every time you apply, use at least one ounce of lotion or a golf ball-sized blob. If you use a pump spray, one ounce is about 200 sprays or one quarter of a 4-ounce bottle. For a continuous spray, one ounce is about 25 seconds of spraying. Don't ..

Secure Your Beautiful Brown Skin at Every Age

(August 01, 2008)  The darker skin toned people such as blacks, Asians, Hispanic Americans do show signs of aging as they get older, however, and they may not wrinkle as much as Caucasian women. They seem to be more sinkers and saggers. The cheeks may drop, the jaw line drops, the convexities become concavities. The ..

Breezy and Beautiful Skin Care Tips

(August 01, 2008)  The carefree feelings of summer makes you want to indulge in outdoor happy times make ice cream and permanent part of your daily diet and forget about slaving in front of the mirror just to look great. However, you certainly do not want to look like a hot mess! Read on in this article to find some ..

The Skin Benefits From Dietary and Topical Nutrients

(July 31, 2008)  Your skin benefits from dietary and topical nutrients. A healthy daily skin diet consists of: Antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables Omega-3 fatty acids Soothe irritation with olive oil Smooth rough skin with glucosamine Antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables: Not only do you need to slather .

A Stay Smooth Skin Regimen For Life

(July 31, 2008)  It is never too late to start the right routine to keep or get your complexion into great shape. With all the skincare products available today, it is really difficult to know what you need. In this article, read some of the ways you can find the right products that gets great results at every age. .

Super Easy Spa Treatments You Can Do at Home

(July 31, 2008)  Today's spa treatments deliver more than pampering and making your skin buttery smooth. Today's treatments include the extra benefits of: More energy Better sleep Even better sex Get a great night's sleep: You can help relieve insomnia if you time your spa treatments just right. Do relaxation ..

Hairstyles and Hair Care Tips For Party Goers

(July 31, 2008)  You can avoid hair styling buildup by rubbing a clarifying shampoo on dry hair weekly. This might sound a little different, but not adding water creates friction that will remove grime. After the application shower and rinse your hair as usual. This is called a hair facial. How to star style ..

Natures Recipe For Flawless Skin

(July 30, 2008)  Doctors even say products that harness the anti-aging power of plants are better for your skin. Botanicals are the best sources for discovering new ingredients that protect and repair aging skin. Botanicals include: Vitamins Antioxidants Emollients that spring from leaves, nuts and fruits can ..

Consumer Protection Tips For Purchasing Dietary Supplements

(July 25, 2008)  Dietary supplements are some of the hottest selling items available today. More than half of the United States adult population use dietary supplements. The 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act set up a new framework for FDA regulation of dietary supplements as well as setting up an ..

Teenage Substance Abuse Part 2 Possible Reasons Why Teenager ...

(July 20, 2008)  Family Drug Usage Patterns When family members use substances the chance for teenagers using substances increases. Teenage substance users often report their parents use drugs and denial to cope with stress. As a result, the teenager of a drug using family tends to become chemically addicted. ..

Teenage Substance Abuse Part 1

(July 16, 2008)  Teenagers experiment with alcohol and other drugs so frequently that it is often considered the norm of their generation and environment. There have been numerous studies focusing on understanding the factors that influence teenager's patterns of drug use (Steinberg and Fletcher, June 1994). ..

Children and Adolescents with Autism - Characteristics and R ...

(March 30, 2008)  Autism is also called autistic disorder. The disorder: Appears in early childhood, usually before age 3 Prevents children and adolescents from interacting normally with other people Affects almost every aspect of their social and psychological development Autism characteristics range in ..

Attention-Deficit - Hyperactivity Disorder in Children Symptoms

(March 21, 2008)  Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is sometimes called ADHD. It is a chronic condition and the most commonly diagnosed behavioral disorder among children and adolescents, and affects between 3 and 5 percent of school-aged children in a 6-month period (U. S. Department of Health and Human ..

Helping Children and Youth with Bipolar Disorder

(March 20, 2008)  Bipolar disorder is a brain disorder characteristic of persistent, overwhelming and uncontrollable changes in: Moods Activities Thoughts And behaviors If there is a family history of bipolar disorder or depression, a child has a much greater chance of having it. Parents cannot choose whether .

Who are the Homeless and How Can We Help? Part 2

(March 18, 2008)  The American Medical Association declared alcoholism a disease in 1956, which lead to medical treatment instead of incarceration for those overtaken by the affects of alcohol in public. In 1971, the Uniform Alcoholism and Intoxication Treatment Act, also known as the Hughes Act, officially ..

Tips to Guard Against Memory, Language and Personality Losse ...

(March 13, 2008)  The most common source of memory, language and personality losses in the elderly is Alzheimer's disease. There is no known cure. Recent research uncovered a new gene, which is “SORL1, " that, when functioning normally, protects against and reduces the likelihood of developing Alzheimer's ..

What is a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy?

(February 22, 2008)  The flexible sigmoidoscopy is a procedure often used to find the cause of: Diarrhea Abdominal pain Or constipation It is also used to look for early signs of cancer in the descending colon and rectum. The use of flexible sigmoidoscopy allows the physician to see abnormalities in the ..

Danvers State Lunatic Hospital in Massachusetts - Stories of ...

(February 22, 2008)  Marie Balter was a patient at Danvers State Asylum for many years. Almost all of her life she battled with mental illness. Her symptoms and illnesses were misdiagnosed by her attending doctors. She suffered through improper treatments and dangerous medicines given her by her attending doctors. Her .

What is a Colonoscopy?

(February 21, 2008)  A procedure most often used to look for early signs of cancer in the colon and rectum is called the “colonoscopy. " It is used to look for causes of unexplained changes in bowel habits and/or to evaluate symptoms such as abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, and weight loss. What is the ..

What is Sjogren's Syndrome?

(February 18, 2008)  This is an autoimmune disease. The body's immune system mistakenly attacks its own moisture producing glands. The syndrome strikes as many as 4,000,000 Americans and is one of the most prevalent autoimmune disorders, primarily women, although it occurs in both women and men. The late 40s is an ..

Dry Eye Overview

(February 17, 2008)  Dry eye is a very common problem that millions of Americans suffer with each day. There are two main causes for dry eye: 1.decreased secretion of tears by the lacrimal (tear-producing) glands 2. and loss of tears due to excess evaporation Both of the above causes can lead to ocular surface ..

Anophthalmia and Microphthalmia or "Small Eye Syndrome"

(February 15, 2008)  The terms anoppthalmia and microphthalmia are used interchangeably. Microphthalmia is when one or both eyes are abnormally small. Anophthalmia is the absence of one or both eyes. These rare disorders can develop during pregnancy and can be associated with other birth defects. The causes of these ..

An Overview of Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)

(February 13, 2008)  Amblyopia is a condition in which vision in one of the eyes is reduced because the eye and the brain are not working together properly. Amblyopia is also known as “lazy eye. " The eye affected with amblyopia looks normal; however, it is not being used normally because the brain favors the ..

Danvers State Lunatic Hospital in Massachusetts History and ...

(February 12, 2008)  American state hospitals in the early 1800s until the early 1950s referred to as “the golden age, " were much different than the facilities and state institutions of the 21st century. In the 21st century the mentally ill people are treated in programs in the communities where they live. ..

Diabetic Retinopathy - The Stages and How You can Protect Yo ...

(February 12, 2008)  A complication of diabetes can be diabetic eye disease. Diabetic eye disease may include: Diabetic retinopathy: This is damage to the blood vessels in the retina Cataract: This is clouding of the eye's lens that can develop at an earlier age in people with diabetes Glaucoma: Is an increase in ..


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