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Vitamin B5 Supplements

(July 28, 2008)  Known By Many Names 1. Vitamin B5 2. B5 Supplement 3. Pantothenic Acid 4. Calcium Pantothenate Different Name But The Same Thing Even though it's known by many different names, it is the same thing regardless of which name is being used. "From Everywhere" It's scientific name (Pantothenic Acid) ..

Vitamin B5 Benefits

(July 24, 2008)  Vitamin B5 is a water soluble vitamin that is an essential nutrient for sustaining life. It's scientific (Pantothenic acid) name actually comes the Greek word which means “from everywhere. " This is because Vitamin B5 is very common and is found in nearly every food. It's probably partly ..

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast

(July 15, 2008)  Stretch Mark Prevention Cream If you want to get rid of & prevent future stretch marks then you need to start taking care of your skin with stretch mark prevention cream. There are many such creams available on the market today so the real question isn't how to get rid of stretch marks fast ..

How Do You Get Rid of Acne?

(July 15, 2008)  If you're reading this article it's likely because you've tried the topical acne treatments (the creams and the pads, etc) and you know that they don't really do much of anything. You want to know the truth. How do you really get rid of acne? Well in the past there have been dangerous prescription ..

Muscle Toning Exercise

(July 14, 2008)  "Muscle Toning?" The idea that there's a specific exercise that you do to “tone" muscle rather than to build muscle is ridiculous. It's one of those long standing myths that keeps getting passed down because people don't bother to look into the scientific facts. It is impossible to ..

Muscle Toning Myths

(July 14, 2008)  Muscle “Toning" Is A Myth There's actually no such thing as “toning" a muscle. Muscle cannot be “toned. " Muscle can only do three things. It can shrink, it can stay the same size, or it can get larger. There is no option for “toning. " What people generally mean by this ..

Diets For Quick Weight Loss

(July 07, 2008)  As you read this short article you will come to realize that most of the “diets for quick weight loss" that are available are nothing more than starvation crash diets that actually do your body far more harm than good. It's understandable to want to lose fat fast, and you can do just that. ..

Vitamin B5 Acne Treatment

(June 30, 2008)  Vilantae is the Vitamin B5 based all natural acne treatment that really works. Don't waste your time with topical acne treatments anymore, try Vilantae instead. "Have You Tried All Of The Topical Treatments?" Most of us who have suffered with pimple problems went through all of the usual so called .

Summer Weight Loss Secrets

(June 29, 2008)  Summer's Here It's already summer time again. But that doesn't mean it's too late to get in great shape! You can reach your goal of summer weight loss if you use the right plan and stick with it you can lose a significant amount of fat in a short amount of time. The Right Diet Don't choose a crazy .

Green Light Fat Burning Foods

(June 25, 2008)  What are “Green Light" foods? "Green Light" foods are the foods you will be basing your diet on when you start the revolutionary diet program The Day Off Diet. They are special fat burning foods which tell your body to “turn off the fat storing gene" that makes us gain fat in the first ..

Quit Smoking in One Hour Guaranteed

(June 25, 2008)  "Can I really quit smoking within just one hour from now?" Yes. By using cutting edge “Easy Quit Hypnosis" hypnotherapy you will be able to completely rid yourself of the urge to smoke with absolutely no withdrawals and no cravings. And you will not replace cigarettes with food like often ..

Fat Weight Loss

(June 24, 2008)  "I want to lose fat but not muscle, how do I do it?" Never go on a starvation diet. You will end up losing a lot of muscle along with your fat. You want to keep your muscle because each pound of muscle burns an additional 50 calories per day at rest. This means that muscle is actually the best way ..

Diet Plan For Men

(June 23, 2008)  The Day Off Diet is a new diet that is popular among women but it is also a perfect diet plan for men. When you are on the Day Off Diet you will have every 7th day off from dieting. That's where the diet gets it's name. While that might sound like a gimmick, the idea is actually rooted in science. .

Cabbage Soup Diet Vs the Day Off Diet

(June 19, 2008)  The Cabbage Soup Diet is one of the crazier diets around. It's a starvation diet that forces your body to lose weight by allowing it only an extremely low amount of calories. This amounts to torture and it's a very bad idea because while you may lose a few pounds at first, you will immediately gain .

Quit Smoking Right Now

(June 18, 2008)  The Quit Smoking Right Now program can enable you to quit smoking for good in just three hours. You can do it without expensive and annoying nicotine patches or gum. You can do it without painful withdrawals. As the name of the program indicates, you can do it right now. And it's definitely time ..

3 Day Diet Vs the Day Off Diet

(June 17, 2008)  The 3 Day Diet (also known as “The Cleveland Clinic Diet") is a starvation diet which may cause some short term weight loss but it's weight you will gain right back at the end of the three days. It is not a miracle and it is not the right choice for you. The 3 Day Diet has nothing in common ..

The Emotional Pain of Acne

(July 23, 2007)  While most people have some experience with acne, there are some who truly suffer from it. Acne is unpleasant to look at and those who suffer from it are more than aware of that fact. Many people (both young and old) have experienced emotional pain due to their suffering with acne. In fact it's the .

The Zone Diet Overview

(June 14, 2007)  The Zone Diet is all about balance. Nothing is eliminated from the diet. Carbohydrates are enjoyed as are proteins and fats. The thing is they are the right proportion to each other and calories do matter in The Zone Diet. The Zone Diet was invented by Dr. Sears. There is a website on The Zone ..


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