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Discover Mood Boosting Foods For Depression

(January 26, 2008)  Before we delve into foods for depression, we would be remiss if we did not state that the causes of depression are not fully understood, but most experts agree that they are probably many and varied. Put simply, depression is a complex condition. It may be triggered by a variety of reasons, ..

Discover Herbal Medicine For Depression And Other Natural Nu ...

(January 25, 2008)  Herbal medicine for depression has become more and more popular, as people are looking for safe, natural alternatives to prescription medications, many of which can cause serious side effects. However, it's important to note that you should never substitute herbal therapies for antidepressants ..

Natural Way To Deal With Menopause - Discover Natural Substa ...

(August 08, 2007)  In recent years, more and more women look for a natural way to deal with menopause. For some, it's about learning more about natural medication for menopause, including menopause herb formulas, while others search for menopause the “best stuff" for hot flashes. First, it's important to ..

Discover Natural Herbs As An Alternative To Hormone Replacem ...

(August 06, 2007)  Over the years, natural herbs as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy have soared. Indeed, with the proven dangers of hormone replacement therapy more and more women are interested in learning more about natural therapies and alternatives. Moreover, some women simply don't like ingesting ..

Discover Turmeric Health Benefits

(July 31, 2007)  From the rhizomes (root) of the perennial plant found in India, come the highly valued turmeric health benefits. However, turmeric has other talents besides being used for medicine. Turmeric is a fairly new arrival to most Americans spice racks, but it's been a mainstay flavoring spice of Indian ..

What Are The Facts About The B3 Vitamin?

(July 25, 2007)  There has been an explosion of interest in learning the facts about the B3 vitamin. So, without further adieu, let's delve into this essential vitamin for optimum health and well-being. Let's begin with some overall facts about the B3 vitamin, and then we will provide you with information on its ..

Discover What Foods Should Be Taken During Menopause To Help ...

(July 15, 2007)  The interest in learning about what foods should be taken during menopause has skyrocketed, especially since, as we all know, hormone replacement therapy has many negative side effects. It's important to note that when we use the term “what foods should be taken during menopause, " what we ..

Discover the Emotional and Physical Symptoms of Anxiety and ...

(July 14, 2007)  Many people are interested in learning all about the emotional and physical symptoms of anxiety and stress. However, we would be remiss if we did not state that almost everyone now and then experience feelings of anxiety, stress, and worries. For example, anxiety could be brought on by a job ..

Discover Herbs That May Help You Quit Smoking

(June 26, 2007)  Indeed, nicotine is extremely addictive, but there are herbs that may help you quit smoking. We know you've heard it before about smokers being at risk for a wide range of illnesses and, as such, we won't go into any of those details. However, we do understand that many smokers are afraid of what ..

Discover the Amazing Benefits of Grape Seed Extract

(June 07, 2007)  The benefits of grape seed extract are one of most exciting among the family of natural healers. Indeed, the seeds of the fruit of the vine, which was once considered waste after the juice was pressed and extracted out for wine, has now become the source of a very popular nutritional supplement. ..

Heart Disease and Dietary Supplements - Discover the Best Nu ...

(June 05, 2007)  Many people are interested in learning more about heart disease and dietary supplements in order to educate themselves on preventive strategies against heart disease. However, before we delve into some of the best heart health supplements, let's highlight some important facts about this disease. ..


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  • View from Eric’s Trail in Herriman Utah. #trail #mtb #hike #hiking #outdoors #beauty #mychurch #church #sundayservice #nature #health #fitness #fun #fuji #fujifilm #fujixt30 #landscape #landscapephotography #mountains #desert #mountain #oquirrh #wasatch
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