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Making Martial Arts As A Good Well Rounded Workout Regiment

(June 06, 2007)  As I was reading about Martial Arts and all that it involves, I became very enthralled. I dared to find out what all the excitement was about. The phenomenon of martial arts to be used as a workout regiment for many athletes or even perspective physical fitness fans is growing rapidly. In a ..

Increase Your Level Of Physical Fitness And Gain Extra Confi ...

(May 31, 2007)  Have you ever thought about increasing your fitness through martial arts? More and more people are becoming health conscious and trying to get fit by going to the gym, joining walking or jogging groups and joining other groups offering a health and fitness regime, but it does not take long before ..

Kick and Punch Your Way to a Better Summer Body

(March 21, 2007)  Another day, another great workout. Since I had started kickboxing, I had kicked and punched my way to a great summer body. The results showed at the beach, in the club and in Shana’s eyes. I loved the way she looked at me nowadays. I had a date with her after my kickboxing routine and I was ..

The Principles Of Ba Gua Zhang Fighting

(February 26, 2007)  You want to find out about one of the rarest, most underrated forms of martial arts fighting? I learned all about this great fighting style called Ba Gua Zhang. It really blew me away because this style of fighting is not like most fighting styles, especially all that stuff you might see on ..

What Aerobic Kickboxing Exercise Did For Me

(January 04, 2007)  I used to look in the mirror and do a front double biceps pose. It's the classic “make a muscle" bodybuilding pose just like Arnold Schwarzenegger. But over the space of just a few years in my late twenties and early thirties my body changed so much that I stopped doing my favorite pose. I ..

How Muay Thai Kickboxing Workouts Changed My Body

(January 03, 2007)  I've been taking muay thai kickboxing for about 3 months now, twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. It has been an amazing experience. The thai kickboxing workouts are intense, make no mistake about it. Even though I am in a beginners class, the sweat pours like a hot summer rain! We start each ..

Karate Yells - From Feeble Squeak To Fearsome Roar

(January 02, 2007)  One of the first things I learned when I started taking karate (other than knuckle pushups) was the famous karate yell. My white belt class spends a great deal of time bowing to the master, crouching in a “Karate Kid" style stance, and punching the air while grunting. These alternating ..


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