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Easy Learning For Middle Aged Women Who Want a Natural Appro ...

(July 22, 2008)  I'm starting out with lots of detail, but it gets easy. The topic of essential fatty acids have a holistic affect on your health, as you'll see. Essential Fatty Acids and their functions in your body are just as described, essential. You cannot manufacture these particular nutritional elements ..

How to Decrease the Appearance of Wrinkles Using a Natural R ...

(July 20, 2008)  What a delightful bonus. Ads about cosmetics bombard us hourly on television, and in fashion magazines. There are so many wrinkle decrease blogs, wrinkle decrease bloggers and wrinkle decrease chats going on, that it is mind boggling. It comes as good news that the omega 3 fatty acids are ..

Preventing Bone Loss With Omega 3 Fatty Acids Amazing Natura ...

(July 11, 2008)  In one study, rats had their ovaries removed, decreasing their estrogen levels (simulating menopause). This was expected to show a decrease in bone density. This simulated menopausal condition lead to inflammation, which lead to bone density loss. However, half the rat group was fed olive oil, a ..

Shocker Sugar and Inflammation Make Life Less Sweet

(July 07, 2008)  A Japanese study evaluated the role of diet on inflammatory bowel disease. Included in the study were 111 people with ulcerative colitis who were given food questionnaires. The survey found a higher consumption of sweets was positively associated with ulcerative colitis risk, and vitamin C was ..

Ulcerative Colitis, Crohns Disease and How to Reduce Inflamm ...

(July 06, 2008)  A medical study was done in Bologna and Turin, Italy, where doctors, for one year, administered fish-oil capsules to thirty-nine patients with Crohn's Disease, three times a day. These particular patients had already been in remission for about eight months. A control group of thirty-nine patients, .

Balance the Omega 6 Fatty Acids and the Omega 3 Oils in Your ...

(June 27, 2008)  Medical discoveries of the past decade have shown that that most major illnesses have one common factor -chronic inflammation in the body. This datum can have a hugely positive impact on your health and your ability to prevent debilitating conditions to develop in your body. The killer illnesses ..

Heart Disease, Natural Health and Understanding Inflammation ...

(June 24, 2008)  In a recent study, researchers of heart health conducted tests and documented the development of heart failure in an ethnically diverse group of nearly 7,000 men and women, age 45 to 84. This tracking began in 2000. In this group, 79 developed congestive heart failure. 35 from this sub-group (44 ..

Ultra Health Ocean Pollution and Purified Omegas

(June 09, 2008)  It used to be a staple to buy Cod Liver Oil capsules at the drugstore. Inexpensive and easy to get, every mom knew it was good for kids. Kids learned about it in Gr. 2 health class. Not any more. Our ocean pollution has reached a degree of danger. To the fish in it, and to humans who need fish as ..

Ballet Shoes and Pointe Shoes and Details About Turnout

(July 31, 2007)  Nine of the ten questions I get about ballet is about turnout. Very few of us are born with the hip socket and flexibility that gives us the 180 degree look. I say “look" because it is very rare that a dancer actually has it, but the luckier ones are close. It's more important to hold the ..

Weight Loss and Exercise For Training In Your Ballet Shoes a ...

(July 31, 2007)  While you are growing, you will have weight and strength fluctuations. This can be distracting, but it is always temporary! Fresh, unprocessed foods are the only foods worth eating! Is that bad news? That doesn't mean you can't have a piece of pizza on the weekend like when you're with friends, but .

Ballet Shoes and Pointe Shoes and More Flexibility

(July 06, 2007)  Summer Intensives offer a chance for increased flexibility. After your first morning class, you are partially warmed up for the rest of the day. That is, unless you are resting in between classes in highly air conditioned environments. I recommend not to do that. A cool but not cold place, perhaps ..


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