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Quit Smoking in Under a Few Hours

(June 18, 2008)  People say I have tried to stop smoking several times and failed. Some people say others can stop smoking easily. Listen, if I can stop smoking after 40 cigs a day over 42 years you sure can. Quitting the habit quickly is important, especially since there are a variety of dangers that go along ..

Stop Smoking! Stop Stinking! Save Money!

(June 15, 2008)  It's time that you stop smoking. There are many reasons why, including your health, but there are other reasons that should make you stop as well. So many people are dealing with addictions to cigarettes and they don't even realize the negative affects that smoking is having on your life. Did you ..

Why is it So Hard to Quit Smoking

(June 15, 2008)  The Nicotine Ok so you already know that nicotine is found in cigarettes. Yes, it is considered to be a drug, and to some extent, your body begins to crave it once you start smoking on a regular basis. It can help people to calm down and it can be addictive as well. Many people find that not only ..


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