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Healthy Low-Calorie Chicken Parmesan Recipe

(August 19, 2008)  Since I've been losing weight, I've been experimenting with ways to create some of my favorite standard meals - most of which it turns out, were very, very fattening. My family has always been really big on Italian and Mexican foods, and those types of dishes are traditionally very, very high in ..

Healthy Cream of Vegetable Soup

(August 19, 2008)  The other day I had a full vegetable drawer in the fridge and it was time to clean it out. Maybe I've had one too many salads lately, because I was looking for something a bit different. As chance would have it, I also had about 2/3 of a gallon of skim milk that needed to be used up by weeks end - ..

Penne Pasta and Zucchini and Summer Squash Recipe

(July 15, 2008)  This healthy recipe will help you do all kinds of things at once. If you want to lose weight you have to learn to eat a bit lighter at times, and there's no better way than to eat a vegetarian meal about once a week for your main dish. This recipe is easy to make, has little prep time, and the ..

Chicken Ranch Rollups Recipe

(March 01, 2008)  Seems like I've been specializing in ultra-quick recipes lately, and you can make these Chicken Ranch Spinach Rollups in about 20 minutes or less. This is an all in one meal, you really don't have to serve anything else - and these are so tasty you'll have to stop yourself from eating more than 3 ..

Hashbrowns Recipe - Fried Just Like The Diner

(March 01, 2008)  Hashbrowns Recipe - how to make perfect homemade hashbrowns each and every time with my foolproof recipe that your family will love every time you serve it! I've been making hash browns for the family for years, and I have to admit that my recipe wasn't always the best. I can remember when I was ..

Enchiritos Recipe - Better Than Taco Bell!

(March 01, 2008)  What is an Enchirito? It's a cross between an Enchilada and a Burrito! The funny thing about is that I created this recipe (and made up the word “Enchirito" long before Taco Bell ever had! I've had the Enchrito's at Taco Bell, but they can't hold a candle to mine. The difference is basically ..

Goulash Con Queso Recipe

(March 01, 2008)  "Goulash" is one of our favorite meals. It's easy to make, it's filling, and it's just about as popular as macaroni and cheese around here. I usually don't think of making it - I get “asked" to make it by someone in the house. My goulash recipe varies at times depending on what I have in the ..

Homemade Baked Beans Recipe

(March 01, 2008)  If you're looking for a good “homemade baked beans recipe" recipe - this is the place! Everyone loves some good baked beans, but most recipes call for them to be in a crockpot. Mine doesn't, instead I use can beans and cook them on the stove top. It's true, you could just buy a fancy can of ..


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