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Green Tea and CLL Link

(August 21, 2007)  The link between green tea and CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia – the most common form of blood and bone marrow cancer) has come to light in recent clinical studies and seems to be heavily drawing the attention of the medical community all over the world. In a recent study carried out at Mayo ..

Getting Your Cheese Facts Straight

(August 03, 2007)  People all around the globe love their cheese. It doesn't matter if you love good ole’ American cheese or if you enjoy Feta cheese, there is a flavor and texture out there for everyone to enjoy. Whether you just enjoy your cheese or you are a cheese connoisseur many people are unaware of the ..

An Electric Cheese Grater - Why?

(July 15, 2007)  One of the most used ingredients in today’s cuisine is cheese. It comes in many different varieties, and can enhance a meal greatly. However, when food is prepared in a restaurant, it needs to be prepared quickly; yet, different type of cheese melts at different temperatures. Chefs found that .

Cheese Slicers Reviewed

(July 01, 2007)  If you prefer cheese sliced fresh off the block rather than prepackaged, it's a good guess that you have some kind of cheese slicer located in your cupboard. Although you can cut some harder cheeses very efficiently with a knife, by far, a cheese slicer will give you perfect portions every time. ..

A Tour Of The World With The Various Names Of Cheese

(June 19, 2007)  You may not know how many names of cheese there are until you actually shop for cheese. Especially if you find yourself in a fancy cheese section of a store, or in a liquor store where the cheese is next to the wine selection, you can be faced with entire racks of different cheeses, and from all ..


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